I seek expert advice

My current team is Sabina 3/60, Boril3/60, Culen 3/60, Kadilen 2/70 and Bane 3/50, all 8/8, except Kadilen 6/8, waiting for materials to ascend. I made a run and they left me, Kiril, Lixiu, Chao, Little Jhon and Gormek. Which do you advise me to go up to replace my team? Thanks

In my opinion the only hero you need to replace is 3* Bane. You can replace it with Chao. The rest of you original team looks good to me.
However, Kiril, Little John and Gormek are good acquisition. Max them and you’ll have more flexibility in building line-ups for a particular case.


I would go with Lixiu first to replace/compliment Bane. My strategy would be to get 4s in the slots you currently have 3

But Kiril and Gormek also rock.

Edit: I’m changing my mind. @SuuriKoira has the right idea… go with Chao

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Li Xiu at 3/60 is good for farming lower provinces (up to 10th perhaps) where she can kill all the monsters at once. When maxed she can be annoying as a tank in raid defense, but generally, she is not a very useful yellow hero to my mind. Chao with his fast mana and better mana stealing special looks a better option.

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Gormek is much better than Colen, and Kiril is much better than Boril, so I would level those 2 with same color heroes and use ascension mats on them first. I’d level Li Xiu as well to replace Bane, and bring Little John to 4-70 until you have the Tonics to ascend Kadilen.

Everyone wants you to run before you walk.

You seem new, so my guess is you will be working your way through the map and need a squad that will gather resources. This would not be a raiding team nor a titan fighting team.

This is how you learn to fight and how to use heroes’ special skills.

For farming, Li Xiu is a good one. Sabina is a good healer who also will debuff opponents. Kiril is a healer who will add attack and defense buffs to your team. Gormek has a skill that lowers opponents defenses which is very important. For know at a loeer level it will be okay to use two yellows attacking so leave Bane. Defensively, I might swap Boril for Li Xiu.

Best advice is put your heroes’ names in search and read everything.

Good luck.

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