I see dead alliances

There are so many ‘dead’ alliances out there it’s crazy, while looking up my old alliance i noticed how many there are and how many are full of players who haven’t been seen in a long time, search the word savage for example you’ll see a few, one has 30 players in and the leader hasn’t been on for over 1100 days same as most. Where did they all go and at the same time? And it’s everywhere you look. Did aliens beam them all up together? Why did nobody leave? Alli mass suicide? I’m sure there’s a logical answer somewhere. I believe.


Legend has it that for every Telluria or HOTM pulled, there is a leader of an alliance that is ‘lost to us’ forever.

Some old wives say it is SG’s punishment for us and this has been the case since time immemorial…


Are you talking of entirely dead alliances or of alliances with still a few active members but a lot of dead accounts including the leader? Entirely dead I can understand, but the second option I also encounter from time to time when I checked the allies of my raid enemies occasionally. Especially when they are really strong players, I don’t get why they stay in a dead alliance. I guess, they don’t really care about the community part at all. Maybe they just want to play their game and hit a titan. There’s no pressure to use all your flags or even be online daily.

My first alliance was similar but the other way around: Only the leader and one other were kind of active and nobody used the chat at all. The rest were either dead accounts or beginners who left quickly after they realized they are not going to make any progress there. A year later I checked if that alliance still exists and it was still the same. It seemed the leader barely made progress since then and I was at higher lvl and TP than him. So it seems, that some people have no ambitions and just play occasionally to kill time. They’re more focused on the puzzle than on the empire…


You get a like just for the thread title. Needs a meme :slightly_smiling_face:


Thats the reason, I have one camp with my alt account, feel so quilty because I want focus only with my main account, so I encourage them to find active alliance but if they want to stay they can stay as long as they want.
And I find the answer, they like to stay because they can play only if they have time to play and want to play.
No rules and no order must do this or that.

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