I saved gems for months and got the BEST ATLANTIS PULL EVER!

So going f2p is the right path indeed?

It seems that to make P2W worthwhile you need to invest FAR more than I am willing to in the game. Both money and time.

After all, this is a game that I play as a pastime.


Devs made sure that it’s pointless to be C2P now as well. I was C2P for nearly 15 months and experienced constant loot reduction from everywhere to the point that I got stuck for 3 months. My alliance members had exactly the same experience.

The game reached the point where you either spend thousands of dollars or you are full F2P or you better dont play at all. I cant see nothing in between. Is it worth to spend thousands of $ on few pixels on the screen? You need to answer this question yourself.


Been there, at least twice. Don’t worry, it does even out with a bit of extra luck over the long term.

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If you go into it with very low expectations you won’t necessarily be disappointed. If you go into it thinking every pull is going to be a 5* then you are going to be extremely disappointed.

My alliance leader did the same - 30 pull with all 3*. Went to her TC20 and pulled a 5*.

I did several single pulls and amongst the 3* I pulled Jabbar, Kadilen, Sumitomo, and another Triton. For my roster, that’s a very good outcome even if some of the naysayers say some/all of the 4* I pulled are meh. Did I want Ranvir? Hell yes. But he’ll come around again in a future Atlantis.

Another alliance member who until very recently was F2P pulled (2) Ranvir.

So as horrible as it sounds and feels…tis totally random.

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Did a 30 pull
Got mitsuko and Athena. And the :slight_smile:
The rng gods looked at me nicely.
Last time was all feeders.

Most of the Atlantis 3* are good. The fast hitters are worth duplicates.
Muggy is a lot of fun.

I didn’t know it was so difficult to take a 5*

I installed the game 8 days ago and with the 300 gems I earned, I made an epic call: I found a 5*
I thought it was normal

It’s quite rare. Be happy about your pull, but don’t neglect leveling your 3 and 4 star heroes. Legendaries take a ton of resources and rare stuff to level.

You my friend are lucky.

I did my pulls for Atlantis. Another Danzo ( now that’s 5th one) and Gradius, and another Melia (5th one) . 0 5* but it’s life. Win some lose some.

Well you definitely made me feel better. I didn’t do good but I got 2 Muggys!!!

Did 6 pulls merely:
3x3*: Ulmer, Gil-Ra, Cochin
2x4*: Proteus, Agwe
1x5*: Misandra … was the last pull

My SH is only otw to L16 and TC at L15, 11, 11. So it was kinda lucky pull I guess

Muggy actually has a cool special…

Was lucky this time around in my alt. acct.
Did 2 coins pull, and 5 jewels pull
Tarlak, Mok-Aar, Proteus, Sabina(dup), Melia(dup) Balthazar(dup).
:sunglasses: Did a final pull on sunday with coins got Gregorian.
NOT going to complain
Main acct, same # of pulls mostly dups, mixed Atlantis and regular 3s only Gato will make the Atlantis 3 team. I’m fine with it, after all i didn’t have a blue for that team.
Well i guess I’ll be busy till the next batch of pull.
Have fun, still have some farming to do.

I spent 30 hero tokens until I got the HOTM and I stopped. I figured I’d save my last 16 for July so I could collect more feeder 3*s and hopefully the July HOTM.

Feel your pain, f2p for ages then out of desperation bought gems , 2 ten pulls not a 4 or 5 amoung them so fxxked off thought about quitting, slowly built a team that’s the way it goes. 4 months later Atlantis 3 5* in a row with a hotm next pull 2 5* and a hotm nothing since that’s the way it goes. Your time will come ( if you can sit by the river long enough the body of your enemy will float by) sun zeu


It’s way worse now which is why I almost never buy gems anymore. I started playing when game was about 1 month old. The first 6 months or so is when I probably spent 60 bucks a month on 10 pulls. Almost all of the heroes I utilize to this day came in those months. I remember being angry when I only got 1 5 star in a 10 draw at the beginning. Seriously in first 6 months I would get 2 to 3 per draw. Some of that comes from the fact that there were way less crappy heroes they could include in the drawings. There were only 25 or so total heroes you could get.

I’ve gotten a few homs over the months on single hero tokens but beyond that, nothing much. Got a small few useful 5 stars from tc20 as well but that is based on hundreds and hundreds of worthless ones.

And for statistical purposes of my 5 stars, 12 came in 1st 6 months, 4 came from tc20 and 3 were homs. I also didnt know the keep extras when I first started so I also burned several duplicate 5 stars in first 6 months as well.

In the past year I’ve probably done 3 or 4 10 pulls and received no useful heroes of not except the 2 homs I got as bonuses.

So anyway just one person’s experience to date who has been here for 2 plus years. I have also just dropped to a lower alliance as it’s more fun to not worry about taking down 12 titans and spending ridiculous resources through farming. Also dont put anything extra into the raid wars or events as the effort to get the reward isn’t worth it either. I just play for fun and to kill time now and then.


Since the Sand Empire and the last Atlantis I became FTP.
After around 35-40 pulls from both, no single 5*.

Not paying anymore, and not playing much anymore… The greed on SG is way too big to handle. Most of my alliance members quit playing the game, and they were P2P…

That’s not a way to run business. Ripping off old players is the worst game marketing ever. Trust me, I’m a Digital marketing company founder.

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