I saved gems for months and got the BEST ATLANTIS PULL EVER!

Kill me now.


Missing Dawa, but almost perfect, congratz!


When you look at the % for getting 4* or 5* that is sadly the reality with a few pulls.

But hey muggy isn’t that bad.


I felt this way after saving epic hero tokens all year for the sand empire, and getting nothing but 3*s. I stopped after 13 tries.


I feel your pain, buddy. Sadly that’s just how RNG works in this game.

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20 more owchies :pensive:


I got the same. I definitely give up spending money. the defenders of the system are going to jump. The truth is that they generate a brutal expectation and it is not worth it. collect 3000 gems, look for atlantis coins to get nothing more than those nasty heroes every month is not worth it. there will always be those who spend a lot of money, but there are many of us who no longer have the desire to devote so much to the game so that the possibilities are infamous.


Bah, so bad, and yet so unsurprising…
Sorry for that •••• results of your hard work pull.
I was thinking to spend my gems on this atlantis, now i will continue save them for guardians event. I need the epic heroes from there


The odds are really small for a 5*. Plus you have no guarantee even if you spend a lot of money. They should increase the odds at leats for epic hero tokens and summons made with atlantis coins. I had 30 epic hero tokens saved for springvale. Zero 5*. After that i did a 10 pull. Again zero. Sometimes this game is like that. I buy the cheap offers every month and the return i get for the money i spend is sub par. But i’m hooked now tbh. Been playing for close to 18 months. I guess the secret is to have zero expectations.


hey… You are not the only one who had bad luck…

I saved 33 EHT, 800 atlantis token and 3000 gems during 6 month… YES!! 6 F***** MONTH… hahahahahah

no single one 5* heroe… basically I pulled 52… no HoTM… no 5* hero in atlantis…

so… you are not only one who really had bad luck… =S

Just enjoy with your regular heroes and TC20 =D


Got 8/10 atlantis heroes, very lucky :grimacing:

same here over 50 summons since im playing ( november 2018) and no 5* from it, im done with that account, time to switch for another one

I saved 50 epic hero tokens since the Christmas event, used all 50 for 1-pulls, and didn’t get Ranvir or any 4*-5* sand hero


But did you get any 5*?

Don’t feel bad, my 10 pull was actually worse than yours. And yes, all 3 star of course.

It’s amazing how some people have amazing luck and some people have none at all. So painful.

Why they won’t understand, unless there is a good card to work on people like me won’t waste time sticking with the game. What’s the use of recruits from farming to ascend 3*. Sadly I’m spending only an hour so on this game, and it’s my one of the favorite game though. Now a days YouTube seems to be best one to kill time. :grinning::smile:

I was stuck for 3 months without any heroes to work on, getting trash loot etc. I stockpiled 8400 over that period for my last pull and I told my alliance that if I get trash, I’m off.

Got trash, so i left the alliance and the more time passes I see more that its pointless to play this game. I have never seen a game where players are so badly ripped off by devs.

My advice, just leave the alliance, take a break and after few days you are going to be cured from playing this game. I highly recommend, as feeling ripped off is not a nice feeling.


I’m saving up for 30x Atlantis pull too, and my luck was so bad until now that i will be happy to at least get Melia and Muggy from that.

Keep low your expectation, so you will not be disappointed


Saved 800 atlantis coins and got epic and rare heroes. Not bad but could be better. Now i am saving my Gems which is at 1k for the next Atlantis pull. One thing about this game, keep your expectation low and enjoy the game. Believe me you will enjoy it more. Have been playing for exactly a year now and only have ³ 5* heroes…khiona,Ares, and Onatel

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I’ve been saving Epic tokens since New Years to use in Sand Empire. Waiting for July so I can not get Seshat instead of not getting Ranvir. I guess I’ll be back here then to brag about my 3*'s.

It is what it is.

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