I remember when AWs were fun

I remember the days of growing my E&P profile - leveling and building my hero roster. Enjoying Alliance Wars when each war was a surprise - def teams were all different from war to war, all types of team powers, etc. Now, I’m in a top 100 alliance and every war is the same thing, war after war, purple (Ursena) tanks, same hero flanks, same hero wings. No longer a surprise, just going into battles now hoping for a good starting board. I love this game and just hoping these Alliance Wars (at the top) can become fun again.


You are surely going to like what April has to offer then, and some upcoming heroes that will really shake up the meta :slight_smile:

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I get exactly what you mean. I took a break from top 100 play from mid November to mid January to focus on challenge events so I joined a smaller alliance around 190k. AW were a lot more fun when you didn’t know what defense to expect from your opponents (plus it was easier to go 6/6 :grimacing:). It gets repetitive when all you see is Kunchen, Ursena or Guin flanked by GM.


How (will 20 characters do that)?

It’s already a long time issue.

You may vote for diversity:


You can have that back at any time by leaving the top 100 world. Most players have no Ursena or Guin or Gravemaker, and there are tons of challenging, vibrant alliances full of those players proud of their knack for making the most of what they have. They pay here and there but are not whales, cherish their Lancelot, Merlin and 3 HOTMs. The top will always be populated by those with the spreadsheets and the resources & inclination to pull and pull until they get what they’re after, and from what I see, little joy. Those teams by the numbers will always have a sameness. If you want to PLAY a GAME again, you don’t have to drop that far.


^ What he said…and 20 characters

I’d like to see one of the tournament ideas added to alliance wars. Color exclusion. Force a change… maybe no purple one war, no green the next, etc.

Another idea I’ve seen is a secondary defense. Can either change at midway point, or change after being killed a couple times.

Both of these are looking at alliances with deeper rosters so maybe a point cutoff for rules… but it’s the top, oh, 1000 alliances now that are fighting the same teams every war…


if there were a way to redesign wars so as to discourage players from using the same color centers or similar formations, that would be cool. Maybe some sort of incentive for the breadth of heroes being used on defense and on offense each war.

But to be fair, it isn’t only war, the pvp raids I get matched into tend to have near identical lineups all the time. Having a lot more Ursena-caliber heroes across all 5 colors is probably the only way to change the raids or wars.

On a side note, I have gone up against a lot of Tellluria teams this week, not very impressed.

People complain yet don’t vote for field diversity.

The blame also lays at the feet of the players, they’ve spent the money to get into the top 100, they are probably also fielding similar teams. If they were free to play, you’d get the field diversity you want.

I like that idea. See now that adds the surprise back in.

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I can see a variation of this working… maybe no Guin or no Ursena… but if players couldn’t use a whole color/element for a war, the other team would just stack the opposing color and the war would be truly miserable.

Yep, you are right. The defensive color stacking would be ugly.

They could do it with rarities like in tournaments as well. I don’t think color exclusion would be good for Wars, but forcing other traits might. How about story wars, where your defense is made up of Rangers, Druids, and Barbarians, whereas your offensive teams have to be Wizards, Fighters, and Rogues. Heroes would be reusable once all available heroes had been exhausted. Maybe only count fully leveled heroes.

You could also have slots, so offense and defense teams have to have two 3*, two 4*, and one 5*.

Maybe you have to have a 4* tank, or ranger flanks. There are lots of possible ways to spice up war, I think, but they’d be more complicated to implement than color exclusions.


Instead of banning a color, ban a class. Like no wizard, then no barbs


This would work if they also change the number of attacks per war. A war with no wizards or no monks would deplete a ton of rosters- so just 4 attacks instead of the normal 6 might help. No sorcerers and you could probably do 8 attacks! :smiley:

Pushing top 500 here. Most are Guinevere, Kunchen, Ursena here too.


That is true… what about rotating defenses? Set up to 3 defenses. When number 1 is killed, number 2 steps up. When number 2 is killed, number 3 steps up. When 3 is killed, back to 1. They could do it in tiers with alliance score. Or brackets… 0 to 25k is 1 defense. 25k to 75k is 2 defenses. 75k+ is 3 defenses…

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We range from 150 - 250. Get your alliance in our range. We change up our defenses to things that don’t even make sense sometimes. Only Y/P. Green tanks with red flanks, the occasional mono defense, etc. We love it.

Next 2 Wars we’ll be doing Fighter class tanks only for funsies. See you on the pitch!


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