I received a message regarding no more 1* + 2* tournaments. Is there any reason to now keep 2* heroes/troops?

I have 3- 2* heroes that are leveled and 2 more that are almost there… They are all different colors…

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If you leveled them for tournament then no…no reason to keep them.

You could keep them for giggles and try to defeat Ursena or some other level with them.

You use 2* troops in 3* events.

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No reason to keep 1* or 2* heroes unless someone still uses them for Alliance Wars or Class Quests.

No reason to level or keep 1* troops. 2* troops, however, are used in 3* raid tournaments and ‘rare’ difficulty of monthly events. Definitely keep if you have levelled some.


No use for the 1* / 2* heroes, but you should keep the 1* troops:


I personally fed all my 1* troops that I saved for the 2* tourneys. Also because I have a surplus of food on my main and Alt 1.

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