I really think this should be changed - Atlantis portal description

Atlantis portal in his description say that season 2 heroes has an increased chance to appear comparing a same stars hero of season 1. I would screenshot it but in my case it’s in italian, not really useful for many.
Thats true, but for 500 gems more cost, 0,1% more chance can’t be considered a fair increased chance.

Other stars are ok, but please fix the 5* heroes ratio.

In your example, you have a 0.06% chance of getting Joon ( 1.2% / ( 20x Legendary heroes ) ) but a 0.325% chance of getting Athena ( 1.3% / ( 4x Featured heroes ) ). So your chance of getting Athena is 541% your chance of getting Joon.

With 10,000 people purchasing a single summons, 6 will get Joon and 32 will get Athena.

Two of the featured heroes are retired HotM both of which have a 0.325% chance, compared to active HotM with a 1.3% chance.

With 10,000 people purchasing a single summons, 32 will get Athena, 32 will get Natalya, and 130 will get Aegir.

If you are looking for fair, a Gacha mechanic is only fair if you can trade Gacha results you don’t want. Example: Gryphonkit, my wife, pulled five Hansel while chasing Red Hood ( no Red Hood for either of us :disappointed: ). She could get many good trades for Hansel, making up for her RNG.

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Your calculations are indeed right, but the description doesn’t say “increased odds to get a season 2 heroes compared to a SPECIFIC season 1 hero” but a general season 1 that could be anything.

Don’t forget that if we are taking in consideration your example, elemental summons offer much better odds to get a regular specific then.

So you would prefer 1% season 1 and 1.5% season 2 or 0.75% S1 and 1.75% S2.

Don’t think they will increase combine above 2.5%.

Overall 65.1% S2 and 34.9% S1 is an “Increased chance” as promises.

I have more of a beef with the Seasonal only 8% rare 3.2% epic and 0.6% Legendary, that’s terrible at 11.8% Seasonal vs S1. Total Legendary is only 1.5%.

Yes, if they don’t intend to raise the chance above 2,5% i would gladily welcome a 0,75%- 1,75% ratio.

The only reason to do an atlantis summon is to get new heroes or old features HotM.

Decreasing the chance of season 1 legendary heroes doesn’t affect players almost at all.
If you want them there’s many other ways.


True, but then those that already have the few S2 5* will be upset they have less chance of old featured HotM that would not want 0.75% chance. Can’t please everyone.

I think old HotM are considered inside the season 2 odds, but not sure of it.

Thats a good question.

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Yes, I assume they aren’t. But we don’t know.

Never saw the percentages before. Thats garbage.

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Thinking a bit more about it, if you read the odds description it is not write “season 2 legendary heroes” but “legendary heroes in evidence”

The only reason to make this description is that old HotM are included in season 2 legendary odds.

Hmmm, good point, the English version is Featured Hero, not just Season 2 Hero, you are probably right that 1.3% includes previous HoTM but only Devs really know.

Comparing Atlantis to Event summons, the extra 500 gems is buying a 1.2% chance of a featured 5* vs. 1.0% chance of an event 5*. But these are all still very slender odds.

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I have to say that no one should feel sad or disappointed when receiving a 5* hero from a summons, yet that is exactly what happens under the current system for Atlantis summons. When I purchase ‘a chance at’ heroes, I would prefer if it was ‘a chance at’ heroes that I actually want. I have reduced my spending drastically in the game. I did this primarily because I felt what was being offered was not worth the money to me and it really isn’t.

I went ahead and purchased a 30x summons for my smaller account, which did still have some season 1 5* that he didn’t have. I got two 5* with both being from season 1 and both being heroes that are already on that account in multiple. My fault. I shouldn’t have done the summons. I won’t do it again.

Then I went to my main account and did a token summons for the event. Yep, got a 5* hero from season 1. Happy? No. No one should be unhappy when obtaining a 5* hero from a token summons. I’ll keep doing the token summons, but I’m done paying for summons until this mess gets straightened out. I don’t really care what old Heroes of the Month are included in ‘a chance at.’ It’s not worth it when that ‘chance at’ is diluted by so many season 1 5* heroes.

Meanwhile, I won’t be paying for what effectively turns out to be very expensive feeder heroes for the heroes I am currently training. Yeah, I already fed those extra 5* heroes off. I had no need for them and the open slots were more valuable than those 5* heroes I did receive. That is certainly not worth taking ‘a chance at.’

Please reduce the ‘chance at’ season 1 5* heroes to zero for Atlantis summons and increase the ‘chance at’ Season 2 heroes and old heroes of the Month. I would certainly purchase ‘a chance at’ that.

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And because you have atlantic coins. :smile:

I would like you consult me before changing the title @JonahTheBard, as i don’t talking about the description at all.

My apologies @Elpis. No offense meant. You reference the description in your opening line and I wanted to make the thread more searchable in the future.

If you could edit the title to include something that mentions the specific issue, that will help people find it.

I will ask permission next time :smiling_face:

I did mention it, but not the main issue of this topic.
It is something about the line of “atlantis portal should give increased chance of season 2 heroes, but for legendary is most of a 50-50 situation”
I guess to long to make it in the title.

Apologise accepted, thanks for your dedication.

What 500 gems are you referring to?

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Sorry, automatically convert it in a 10x summon.
50 more gems for single and 400 for a 10x to be more clear.

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[Thinking… thinking… thinking…]

Okay, I give up. Why would they do that?