I really need to stop underestimating Colen

I stopped leveling Colen at one point, because I thought his survivability was going to be too difficult to manage… and he is devastating me, as an opponent now, more often than not.

I’m beginning to re-think my evaluation.

Im not, he is still slow.
I cant remember the last time Colen got a special off at me. Now Gormek, thats another story.

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Good thing you said that. I have Gormek nearly maxed. Maybe my strategy isn’t as bad as I initially thought.

Except Colen is still squashing you… :grin:



I got him good today!!!

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Did you figure out a system for him? :wink:

Not really :sunglasses:


I actually like Colen. I don’t love him, but I like him just fine. (But I also like Cyprian, who I use use to protect Colen, which is another hero I hear some people complain about.)

If I see Colen in the middle, I usually move on UNLESS his wingmen on the edges are weak.

Either I have to snipe him early or take a shot from him early after dropping the board on the whole team and charging up my heroes. Otherwise I’m dead. And my team is +3500 strength.

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