I really fed up

I really fed up. I am at level 28. I spent some money on this game. No any 5 star hero. No any 4 star troop. Very less gloves to ascend my 4 star heroes. I have stronghold at level 20, training camp at level 20 but still have nothing.


are you completing all of the special quests? How is your alliance? Have you outgrown them or need a change in style? Are you filling your raid and monster chest at least daily?

This game isn’t easy, its a grind. Get your four star heroes levelled, join a good alliance that is taking down Titans at your level, participate in wars and events and the materials will come to be there for when that first 5* arrives.

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thank you for your replies. I am the creator of a very active alliance with 16 players. All members are my friends. I am filling up the monster and raid chests daily. we are finishing most titan we can. I am completing most of the daily quests. my complaining is not just about getting 5 star heroes. for more than 1,5 months I had no any fine gloves at all. I have 6 4star heroes wating for the just gloves. yesterday I received 1 glove finally and today I finished wonderland event at epic level and get 1 more gloves. the other members nearly all of as at the same level, has so many 5 star heroes, and other ascention materials.

I know I am not first and last. I just fed up about this unfair game and wanted to let SG hear me or us whatever. thats all

You created an alliance if your own with 16 members. This more than likely means you fighting low level Titans, this means much lower odds of getting acension mats. Don’t really know what you expect considering your limited amount of play and play style

so the only reason is the low level titans which is at least 5 star titan,is it true?

both the time (you only playing 1.5 months – which means the randomness will make things harder) plus the low level titan. Low level titans = much lower chance of getting stuff

I think there is a misunderstanding. I am playing more than 3 months (2 months with VIP MODE still continue) 1.5 months I did not receive any gloves to ascend my heroes

Get use to it all this game does is steals your money and gives

It takes time and patience.

If you speed up your progress by summoning heroes, you will end up frustrated.

It has been said in other parts of the forum that the slow progression of the game (ascend 3* first, then 4*, then 5*) is built in to help people get stronger and have enough materials by the time they have progressed enough.

Obviously I have a shortage of materials for my 5* but I can ascend any 4* with my excess materials.

The word is patience.

If you do not have it, you will not be happy playing.


I too have only been playing for a short time and I’m reluctant to say that I’ve spent a lot of money. Maybe not more than some or most, but a lot on a mobile app game.

This game requires patience but at the same time, frequent participation. The latter meaning seizing every opportunity you can, whether it be mystic vision to war chests. The more you open, the more chances you have and the better if you limit any time lapsing so you can restart the timer as soon as possible.

But, I’m in a similar boat. I’ve +50 five star heroes that I can’t do much of anything with. This has more to do with poor luck or…(I’ll keep the tin foil hat off for the moment.)

For my short time span in this game (aprox 4 month or less) I’ve acquired many ascension items by staying on top of everything and anything I am capable of doing. However, there will be one thing you can’t over come, the need to be patient.

At least, this is what I must tell myself on the daily. It will come.

Hello. Iur alliance defeated titan which had tonic for present but Titan didnot give anything. What can we do for this.

A chance of gifting the tonic. In my alliance only the top titan scorer got the special gift.

The extra drop for tonic is just a chance. Quite often no one in the alliance will get it or on a good roll I believe we once had 3 get it. Think someone did the odds and even tho you get the extra roll for 4* mat it is only a low maybe 2% chance and don’t know if that goes up or not with rarity.

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I have been playing since October 2017. I have never received the ‘rare’ drop from a rare titan.

I am not displeased. It’s just a thing that happens. I have enough 5* ascended to play with.
In fact, just ascended Zimkitha to 4t today.


Yeah completely agree. Haven’t played quite as long think I just passed a year and think I got lucky with the extra drop once. Everything moves kinda slow but I like that. Now I think emblems are the best part of rare titans.

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There is some confusion on titans. When you defeat a titan, you are awarded loot in a particular tier. That tier is a function of how difficult the titan is and how well you performed individually. It is advantageous to fight stronger titans.

To the OP in a 16 person alliance, I’d recommend recruiting more or looking for a merge. With more you can kill higher and get better loot.

Also, don’t forget about alliance wars - the cheats are good. And the rare events about every 10 days.


The rare titan that shows possible bonus loot, like tge tonic, is not a guarantee that you will get it.

Each titan has a loot table based on its difficulty (star rating) and rares add an extra column to the loot table.

Some have compiled a tracker to see the frequency of that extra loot column and its a small percent chance. The good news is you have the possibility of winning it even if you do not beat the titan.

I hope this helps explain why you didn’t win the loot in this instance.

@Kerridoc perhaps merge this with the rare titan loot explained threads.

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Maybe instead of a merge, a link. The merges make conversations complex. Really that’s what’s needed. Instead of merging, poking (or prodding) where to go.

@Kerridoc @zephyr1 you two do a good job. Just a suggestion. Keep it up!

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