I quit Empires & Puzzles because I was addicted!

I love this game, and am NOT addicted and am in TOTAL control!

Now excuse me while I do some more farming, I’ve been away for a whole minute and a half…


Selling accounts is a real thing?

Cool, who wants my 11 Borils and 27 Dawa’s? Let the bidding start at a ham sandwich…


Hi all. I’m Addicted to as well,at the beginning I thought like would be easy to build team’s and grow up but then I realized if I spend some money in is much easy to get some hero’s and build the town so I keep it that way and I realized I spend louds of money for a stupid game because someone give satisfaction but most of the time make you frustrated. I don’t really know how to stop that maybe I’m going to ask E&P to close my account and that’s it. That’s serious


Starting the bidding high, huh?

Hmm… okay. Nope. I like my ham sandwiches.

How about a slice of half eaten (and slightly moldy) bologna in exchange for 6 of your Borils? Just in case my Boril’s special doesn’t max.

Half eaten bologna goes for a Renfeld around here!

Hmm… okay, that’s not bad… I’m sure I have some hungry purples who would enjoy snacking on a Renfeld…

What do I get if I toss in a few moldy slices of cheese?

We just had a member quit because he felt like it was taking too much time away from his family and job. Kudos to him for recognizing the problem and DOING something about it. We’ll miss him but this is totally for the best!


I admit that I am addicted to this game.

And I will just keep playing.


I really felt this way too but recently I opened another account! :sweat_smile: I’m a moron facepalm


Moldy piece of cheese = Dawa


I had an alliance member do exactly the same last week. They recognised the problem and concluded the only way to solve their problem was to quit. We should all help our colleagues ensure that they are not spending too much (time or money) on what should be just fun, and as with all addictions when the fun stops, STOP.


Where do I start?! I’ve been playing this game for little over 2 years & enjoy every bit of it. But I do recognize that I’m completely addicted to it. I play literally all day, including on automatic at work. I started with a fair budget & slowly increased it to $25 monthly. Now with all the deals, thanks to The Costumes chamber & event new deals. My shopping experience skyrocketed to $50 per month. This doesn’t include yet a potential Season 3 deal. I’m so out of control, that I litterly everyday in my shower or before falling asleep think of how I can improve my hero collection. To make it worse, my spouse is so fumed at me that he said many times that he is thinking to leave me, as sometimes do not interact with anyone in my house & only talk, breathe or play the game at all times.

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A few months ago I was in the same situation feeling that the game was boss of me.
So for a while I uninstalled it to see if I was really still in charge here.

The first few days had some withdrawl symptoms, just me grabbing my phone out of habit only to realize that the game isnt there.
After those first few days I forgot about it and didnt need it.

Dont think I would go as far as deleting heroes.

I am TOTALLY addicted to the game, but as long as we remember that family always comes FIRST.

I try and set some parameters, such as not playing in the morning until I read the Bible and get myself ready in the morning, and at night spend enough World Energy so that I don’t touch the game until 8:00 pm or later when my kids go to bed. Whatever works for you.

If scaling back doesn’t work, try not playing it for a whole day and see how you feel.

I feel you… But isn’t there a way to play this game in a least time consuming way? Committing to spend less is easier than spending less time. Infact, the less money you spend, the more grinding you have to do. Is there a time efficient guide that can be recommended to someone like myself?

I realized that once I built my army, almost every tedious task became unnecessary:

  • hitting the Titan everyday for mostly common items
  • fighting pointless alliance wars
  • belonging to an alliance
  • farming for ascension items
  • levelling up heroes (yes, I have 3 unlevelled legendary heroes, but I don’t care)
  • upgrading my stronghold, mine, iron storage, farm, etc. beyond level 20

I dump hams into my tc20 camps & train all my recruits with Julius (no ascension items req’d).

Giving up the sweat & toil of E&P frees up time for me to play the games i want to play:

  • raids
  • worthwhile quests
  • challenge events
  • season 3 Valhalla

I play about 1 hour total per session (3 or 4 times a week).

Keep E&P a game, not a soul-killing job.


Have you left the alliance? How do you get ascension mats?

I get it, it happened to me. I found the bigger pull for me was not titan hitting, giving advice, wars, etc. as then I was letting others down in my alliance, not just myself.

I left the alliance I started. Life went on, it is stronger than ever. I email some of the guys I was in it with as we were a team for 3 years and you get to know people. I can have that interaction with a few people I would call friends outside the game then.

Now playing solo I can skip a day, or go hours without logging on, and it won’t matter to anyone but me. I also set a time limit: 30 minutes on weekdays and 1 hour on weekends. My wife set the override password so when time is up, it’s up.

Seems extreme, but it is working and is worth it. Luckily I committed from day 1 to be F2P and never crossed that line.

Cheers and good luck to all struggling in any way!


Not trying to be a ■■■■, but when you need your wife to set a time limit, you should probably just delete the game or pick up gardening. I did during this pandemic and my greenhouse is flourishing


Close, I took up cooking instead. Nice call on the gardening though! Kudos! I can’t tell what it is by the pictures, but it’s looking good!

I would typically agree with the time limit, but I tend to get too into things I like in general. I am trying to teach myself healthy moderation rather then quitting and getting too into the next thing.

To each their own! Good luck out there!


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