I quit Empires & Puzzles because I was addicted!

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Has a good ring :joy:

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Son unos estafadores … cuando uno se queja le bajan el nivel del equipo … no… ya lo se y la campaña de estafadores se las boy a pones dura hasi como ustedes lo hase estafadores

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I haven’t quit entirely but I have quit caring about it. No more goals. No more alliance mates. A couple of friends to chat with in Line. No more spending.

All due to no more enjoyment from a game developed less for entertainment and more for attacking my wallet.


The forum needs you!! :hugs::hugs:


TBH I need the forum too. It has become my substitute for Alliance Chat, and AC was the main draw that kept me playing this game for as long as I have. You come for the promises of fun, heroes, base building, etc.; you stay for the people.

Me in Alliance Chat after using up my flags

8 hours later


I’m a co-leader in my alliance. My leader knows I’m getting pretty disgruntled about the complacency towards the customer base. He’s worried I’ll quit. I told him I’ll give him at least 2 weeks notice before I quit, or take a time out.
It occurs to me, that’s what you do at a job, to maintain a good reference. When did this become a job to me?


Or just respect and consideration towards members you’ve played alongside of for a while. :woman_shrugging:


I used to be mad for online PC games. Counter Strike the worst. I just outgrew it and stopped. I tried to stay connected to the friends I’d made in it (lots of them) and I just found over the years they all slipped through my fingers. I comment on the odd FB post but that’s it. It’s odd but it was very much a case of once I stopped playing I felt like I couldn’t stay connected to it so I purposefully let those ties go.

Maybe that will happen in this one too. Enjoy the time you have is all I’ll say I guess :man_shrugging:


I am a little addicted too. But I stay at home a lot because of the coronavirus, so all I can do is trying to reduce the play time

I wanted to reply to your post because I personnaly face the same situation.

I have been/am a bit addicted to the game, in the sense that I have spent more money that I ever had before on any game. I have gently reduced my spendings, because I got many valuable heroes, which are gently sitting their turn to get ascension materials - and I realised that there is no point to spending more on invocating new heroes than upgrading the existing one.

Anyway, I have hard time balancing my time between game time and family/work and I feel this going too far for me, being semi “away” at home because of playing alone instead of being with wife/kids, and at work, secretly playing/chatting during work hours.

In any previous situation when I felt a game became too much XXX (emotionnal, time, money), I would have quit.

The only problem is that I’m leader of my alliance for more than 1 year, and I am the oldest member of my alliance. I had constantly tried to keep people continue to play when they started saying they wanted to quit (for good or untold reasons), and I would feel totally guilty of quitting myself and leaving everyone there. Before I became leader, we faced a situation were the actual leader left the game and gave me the leader, this was a though time but the alliance survived. Probably this would happen here too if I would be going.

But you all know, one of the reason (if not the first reason?) we continue playing this poor game - be honest, the gameplay is not very deep, features are awful and there are not much rewards in game, unless you pay - and I fear that if I leave, other may leave and let the alliance vanish.

Is that really a big deal? I’m sure everyone is mature enough, and either they like the game and will try to find a new alliance (but finding a new home after a long time together is sometime hard to find the same mood and it takes effort to build new connections with other players you don’t know), or will take the opportunity to finally stop the game.

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Hard-choice. As a leader, I had long-time members and also co-leaders who started saying they wanted to stop, giving a near or longer deadline (like after the war, after the war chest, etc…). Everytime, I mean every single time, the discussion had turned into “no, please keep playing”, almost harassment to keep the player continue playing. Most of them stood in the alliance, more or less longer but each time they face low motivation , it just fuel their wish to quit, until there is no more notice, harsh words and a dramatic exit.

Maybe it is sometime better to quit quite rapidly, telling honest reasons that people can understand. But, if you have responsibilities as a co-leader/leader, make sure to not break the alliance by quitting (see some notes on my post above). If you are leader, let’s hope you have a good co-leader that would be ready to step it and take your place, or if you are a co-leader, that someone else (either existing co-leader or a new co-leader to be appointed) to take what you were doing as a co-leader.

I have lost long time members and long time co-leaders. The later can make quite some “damage” to the alliance unity if they don’t leave in a good manner.

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Having played since the beginning of the game I quitted the previous week. Level 73.
The reasons - the latest changes in the game designed to make us more addicted.

  1. The Path of Valor - difference between the standard (usual crap easily accesible through farming or stadard tasks) and paid way (some coins for better heroes drafts, much more useful materials for crafting);
  2. The offer with a possible choice of material required for 5* 4th level ascension;
  3. The Path of Valor everyday quests like producing worthless items or repeating formerly finished levels and - my favourite - killing the ducks by tapping the screen (seems ridiculous for the people from outside the game);
  4. The number of popping-up offers encouraging the player to micro-transactions.

Seems like somebody has read some behavioural psychology content and made use of it. Having some knowledge of it I could imagine how deep addiction could be created amongst especially young people.
At first - this game was an interesting kind of entertainment, now - it is steeply going to the point of heavy money-maker, definitely not for the players who want to compete at higher levels :slight_smile:
The last point - time consuming. To progress constantly in the game trying not to lose my flags I spent over 3 hours a day in total. That is not a problem while holidays, but it can drastically reduce the amount of free time for other ways of having fun. Now I regained time for books, sports and social activities (other from the the game chat - which IMHO is one of the best positive aspects of the game).

To sum up, it’s really hard not to become addicted.


I want to quit this game. The game is still fun for me but it is a huge time sink and there isn’t really a goal on the horizon that seems worth chasing.
I’m basically nearing my one year mark and have a total of three fully ascended 5* heroes. And while I’m mostly F2P (spent $12 total) I’ve have been grinding super hard nearly every day, not letting any WE go to waste and completing everything I can. I have 14 darts and zero yellow 5 stars. All my heroes are the ■■■■■■ ones. I finally get a 5 star through taverns and it’s Perseus who is the five star Agwe. But that’s just the reasons I don’t see a goal the the horizon. Do I try for a rainbow five star line and then quit. It might take another year or longer. After Teltoc, I will have beaten all the challenge events on Legendary. After the XMas event I will have beaten all the seasonal events except for the very last stage of Springvale.

I should add that the real issue is that good loot is super rare so unless you grind out POV you’re not getting many other telescopes. Your not getting many in a zombie alliance that has 3 of 10 players hitting 4* titans. So what’s the point to casually playing.

Are there people still on this forum that have quit? What’s the process? Get drunk and feed all my heroes to Aife? Is that the only way?


There are a few still rumbling around in the forum.

Here’s a list of some classics… some have come back to the game in lesser role.

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…trying to catch up.
…with that zombie alliance.
…thinking about wasting energy.

Join a full actively playing casual alliance and start to have fun.

The game isn’t able to reward anything but fun, so go to have some serious fun…

Enjoy your addiction to not become sad from it.


I am borderline addicted to the game and it really sucks. The game is fine and it’s really fun to build your team and such, but the portals are the ones that truly suck your soul dry.
I’ve spend thousands of dollars on this game (I’m scared to count the exact amount I spent) and sadly my roster does not reflect the amount of spending. But do I regret ever spending money on this game? I’ll be lying if I said no.
I understand what I’m getting myself into so I always treat this as entertainment money. So part of me doesn’t regret it.
On a side note, I don’t understand why people can say this game is a rip off. I remember someone saying here in the forums, the moment you spend any money on this game, you’ve technically lost the war with E&P. You’re paying for heroes with virtually no value outside the game. You can’t trade them, and there’s no competition where you win monetary prizes with your heroes. If there really is an E&P championship tournament, it will be the biggest joke out there.
On the other hand, I could have also used the money for many other things as well. Self improvement, savings and investments. I could have been a couple thousand dollars richer or be a better and improved version of myself by now if it’s not because of E&P.
But the straw that truly broke my back today was the ninja tower pulls. 30 pulls and got nothing, except for the 4* ninjas which is not enough for me. This is compounded by 30 feeders for Atlantis and 50 more for grimforest. And what 5*s did I get I return for being P2P this month? One obakan and 5 zulags. Enough is enough I told myself, if the game doesn’t want my money then I shall stop giving them money. Ironically enough, being c2p for the last two months gave me the best heroes of this current meta (frigg and skadi)
Part of it is also because the game is really getting stale for me, almost half of the guild I’m in is inactive and for a really long time, we’re not progressing as a guild. Asides from some mobile games, E&P is the only game I’m deeply invested in for nearly 2 years, it’s time for a change. Time for me to play other games
But the main problem is the addiction to the pulls and spending my hard earned money now. To remove the addiction, i must remove the game. So I’ve made the decision to stop playing the game temporarily/permanently when this POV ends. This means I will spend a little bit more until the last day of POV before I quit the game. Even if I got some powerful legendaries along the way, it will not be enough to sway my decision.


Correction, make that 2 obakans and 6 Zulags now

Hello, I would just like to know the year of this post

This year. But it’s an outdated post, views have changed unfortunately. That comment I made was a ‘its just a phase. mum’ moment. but I’m cutting my spending in December by a lot as I realize I’m a lot more mature to not spend extra on this game

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