I quit Empires & Puzzles because I was addicted!

I used to laugh when I would read how people put thousands of dollars into this game till I realized I started doing it too buying a Google card for 15 25 bucks spending all my day doing this thing I uninstalled it the deleted as many of the characters as I could burning every bridge so I don’t come back


The first step in overcoming an addiction is admitting that you have one. Congratulations!

I’m not addicted to this game.


I find myself playing empires & puzzles during my very first striptease.

I guess i have a problem too.


hahahahahahaha :joy:

After playing for 10 months straight everyday for way to many hours, today is the first day of my self imposed game vacation due to burn out and general lack of enjoyment in the game. Oddly enough, it hasn’t been that hard to not play the game…I might prove myself right in my contention that the game isn’t all that great, it is the people I liked chatting with, and I have LINE for that…we shall see how long I go without logging in…

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Do we need Empires Anonymous?


The easiest way to curb ones need to play is think about what it is you do in the game.

No matter what or how you play it’s matching tiles…over and over again.

The reason so many games use this is due to it’s gambling like sensation.

amazing how final fantasy 3 had cool animations and it was 60 bucks…tons of story tons of secrets…
and this game is just match three…build according to simple choices…play nearly identical stages…match 3…
heros don’t even have any customization
perks really don’t stack in any interesting ways like say diablo

and people spend thousands. It’s pretty rediculous if you ask me.

I feel like slapping myself for paying 100.

And the game makes money when you watch the ads. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

It’s amazing that i play this over FF4 or something like that…its’ a garbage time waster that requires near zero skill…I watched the #1 ranked guy in a few vids navigate the tiles…and saw many combo misses…so being #1 clearly doesn’t mean flawless play…it means luck and spending money for the best hero combinations…no offense to him…but in terms of gaming elite…this game can be played by a monkey with a deep pocket.

Yet its still enjoyable


Yes this game is simple. I’m not sure what video you are referring to, but when I watched the #1 player in this game, I learned a lot and didn’t see any important combo miss. He even explained the choices he made. Maybe this game requires more insight than you believe. I don’t think the #1 player is the #1 spender so that must mean something.

I enjoy this game more than final fantasy. If you prefer that style of game then I’m sorry you spent money here. Just remember, you had the chance to not spend anything before you decided to do that. I spent $50 on quite a few games that I never played for more than 3 hours ( eg final fantasy 15). That is something I regret.

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Hello everyone. My name is bluenoser and I have a problem.

No ■■■■ Damascus blades!


I trade straight up for a Tome! :grin:

I spent some money also till I realise that won’t help me at all in game progress. Maybe I was unlucky in summons, anyway, I stop doing it. I won’t make summons at all from 2 months,only tokens and tc 20. have a lot of gems and what I do with them is skipping some chest when I have time to play. This game is a casino rpg slots…don’t be fooled.


Deal!! I have 5 tomes and zero d blades!

That is some bad luck. I’ve wound up with 9 d. blades and only 3 tomes. I’d even do 2 for 2 if they created a way.

Ah well, I just await for RNG God to smile upon me, or a great offer to show up.

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But you can’t unbuild. The game will always wait for you when you relapse. We are all doomed. I tried and failed. I gave in. I’m not spending a lot money though. I can still manage. What I can’t manage is my time I devote to this game it is sickening to think of it.

I dream about it at night, and when I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is to quickly log in to hunt for the sorry ■■■ people who raided me overnight.

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Thank you for the heads up. I wasn’t gonna sell my account anyway. I worked hard for where I’ve gotten so far and I want to continue further. I love my addiction.

I almost started a thread in Community Content, but I figured it was kind of covered through many threads already existing, in a more light-hearted way. And the point of (Insert Addiction Here) Anonymous is to quit right? I doubt SGG would want a “How to quit playing” thread on their game forum :laughing:


Lmao!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: This was wayyy too funny!!

no one would give 2 pennys for my account

Certainly not in Canada anyway :rofl:


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