I purchased crystals to get new Heros and I only got nine

I purchased crystals and I did the ten deal to get ten Heros and only got 9. I also have not been getting any random picks. I spend a lot of money trying to get the monthly Hero and it is frustrating spending all this money not to get them. PLEASE HELP with this because I love your game. Thank You. Please Respond.

John J.

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You possibly got 2 of the same hero in your pull…then there is a “2” underneath it.
You can check that yourself by checking “recent activities” in the preferences → support tab in game.


Will you post a screenshot of your recent activity please?


I concur this is the most likely scenario and has been reported as s bug before


I can not post a screen shot now. I should have when it happened. I guess its too late now. Live and learn.

It should show under your recent activities. You can screenshot that.

I kist looked and it shows I did receive ten. I dont know. It is ok though. I probably did. I have a lot of heros so I might have confused myself.


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