I pulled 4x Evelyn, help?

I also hope trading in some kinda way is an option some day aslong as certain limitations are in play.

If SG wanted to dip their toe in the water I think an interesting approach to start with could be like only high level players can trade and to start only retired hotm heroes can be traded

Very few players get to the point where they have the materials where it makes sense to ascend 4 5* heroes that are duplicates. I see your point, but this is not a strategy to recommend to a new player.

I didn’t mean to derail the thread into a discussion about trading. I was only using it as a possible future scenario in which you would be thankful that you did not feed off a very valuable asset. There are a number of such scenarios, and given that it costs very little to keep, I believe it is prudent to keep all 4 Evelyns. She may not be available again for more than a year and there is no telling what new features SG will add.

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No worries, I was thinking of using them in my War teams.

So in your scenario they leave prior to that point? In which case it doesn’t really matter what they did. Play for another year or two and don’t manage to get enough mats to make this possible…well maybe. I have dup 5 stars at and/or approaching final, but that’s because I would rather have two Gravemakers at max than one Gravemaker and one Khagan (as an example).

No. I’m not saying that. I’m saying having 4 dups maxed is a VERY high level strategy decision that most players who have played less than 18 months are not in the position to be making.

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Didnt tell him to ascend em all right now. I just said keep them all. Telling new players to eat duplicates of rare heros they may want in the long run isnt exactly fool proof advice either

What happens if one day he decides to go f2p or c2p and slooows way down on new heros, solid duplicates could be his fall back projects(I’ve already been down this road, slowed waaay down on new heros myself which is why I’m leveling duplicates now and super thankful i have the option to do so) basically it’s cheaper to buy more roster space than it is to get another duplicate hotm or 5* in general, or even a event/seasonal 4*

Just my logic/personal opinion. To each their own

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I think you guys are arguing the same point…:smiley:

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Probably lol

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I think,I’m unlikely to ever ascend two of the same hero. Mats are rare, and each new wave of heroes has bright and shinynspecials I want to play with. The only,real reason I can see to keep more than than two of a hero is for potential future trading.

I agree about final ascensions. That said, multiples of Panther are super useful for high-end AW. And I can definitely see taking multiples of other debuffers to 2/60.

I can see myself ascending duplicate 5* if I run out of new good ones to work on and have the mats to do it. I’ve done several dupe 4* for wars and events too, but dupes usually take a back seat to new heroes when I have them.

Well to be fair I’ve been playing for 3 weeks or so and haven’t pulled a single Sturdy Shield which is need to ascend her the second time to her 3rd chevron.

I totally agree with you. I think we are saying the same thing. I made a point to tell him to hang onto them.

Like Aegir? Opps sorry don’t want to start that conversation here…

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