I pulled 4x Evelyn, help?

Hi, I am new and I bought some gems and I was lucky enough to pull 4x Evelyn and no Santa or Mother North whom I really will try and get later.

My question is: Do Evelyn’s specials stack? So if I trigger all 4x Evelyns do their powers add up or actually trigger 4 times. Like her health link power for example.

Does the health link power stack to become 16% health per turn?
Or does it do 4%, then 4% added to that end result so it’s exponential?
Or does it do 4% health 4 separate times?
Or does it only do 4% health regen once per turn?

I ask because I am planning on making a team with all 4 of her and want to make sure all 4 of their powers add up.

thanks for reading my post :slight_smile:

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You will not level all four.

  1. It will take you a year to get that many tonics, even if you buy every available tonic along the way.

  2. Having 2 leveled would be useful, but more than that and your team will be torched by a player stacking reds (red is sting against green, green is weak against red). (Note that yellow and purple are strong/weak against each other so the strategy with double guardian panther is not the same.)

  3. No, I do not believe the elemental link stacks, nor does the defense buff.

  4. Having Evelyn is a great start! Nicely done.


You’d use them in Alliance War as part of multiple offensive teams, not in one single defense. But I think everything else you said is pretty much spot on.


This is a good point. I forgot to mention, since the poster is new DO NOT FEED THEM AWAY!!!

Space is cheap. Just hang on to them, even if you’re not actively leveling them.


Thanks for the info y’all!!! :smiley:

I don’t keep more than two of the same heroes…the rest are food…I suggest you to do the same

Evelyn Special has 4 components:

  1. Elemental link (health regen) - this doesn’t stack, but effect duration is renewed.
  2. Green defence debuff - this doesn’t stack, effect duration is renewed.
  3. Dispell - this doesn’t stack, but it dispells all the buffs enemies cast on themselves between Evelyn specials.
  4. Damage - this is actually HUGE, if you attack the same targets with several Evelyns, -54% green defence means +180% damage for second Evelyn.

In summary, there is no benefit of activating 2 Evelyns at the same time, except for the damage component.

I wish Evelyn didn’t dispell the Spirit Link, because then combination of 2 Evelyns and 1 Wilbur can basically wipe out entire board,


awesome thanks! Is Wilbur a seasonal character or something? Or one of them Atlantis characters?

I haven’t pulled him yet.

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20 characters

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Not true. I pulled 4 drakes and 5 alasie. Leveling the 4th of each now for wars. Wont max them all but their special skills are more useful than most 4* and other 5*.

If he faces an opponent that uses blue tanks in war, he’ll be happy to have all 4

Not to mention she’s green who is limited on good season 1 war heros and other greens you have to be pretty luck to get since they’re limited time heros(alberich, zeline, mother north, morgan, etc)


True, but Evelyn doesn’t do much damage. It’s true you should run Evelyn with a second green, but I’d far rather pair her with a strong sniper, e.g. Lianna, Gregorion, or even Hansel.


Right now against blue Titans I am running 3x Evelyn with 2x Buddies and it’s pretty nasty.

For Offense I am running 1 Evelyn with 2 Buddies.

My goal is to pull Santa or Mother and hopefully cook up something nice.


Disagree. Keeping 4 of Eve maybe a bit much, but that can be determined later. I have several heroes I have more than 2 of and I’m happy I do. For now keep all 4 eve’s.


Keep all 4. If you need more roster space, simply expand it. The odds of pulling Evelyn are 1.3% per pull at a cost (minimum) of 260 gems. That puts her worth around 20,000 gems. You can expand your hero roster a lot for that price.

You also do not know what new content may come down the line where copies of her may be useful. Imagine if they open up trading a year from now and she becomes a sought after commodity (the only green elemental defense down), but you fed away 2 of her :sob:.



Star Wars Force Collection allowed you to trade. Would be nice to be able to sell back legendaries for more gems or something. Has trading really been discussed as an option?

Not at this time. However, there have been a lot of suggestions by players on the subject.

Discussed to death in fact,

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I really hope trading never comes, it would destroy the game completely. but i’m sure SGG knows that.

Yeah, trading killed Star Wars Force Collection.

My bad - I should have added - this was discussed to death and add your thoughts on trading to that thread not here:

Or go to the ideas & futures category and do a search for trading and add your thoughts to one of the many threads on it there.

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