I pulled 11 heroes in the costume summon and got

So I pulled 11 heroes in the costume summon and got 4 new heroes
And these 7 I already had
I feel disappointed!!
Every time I summon I don’t get a good yellow hero even in the elemental summons.
Bane is my strongest.
There is no point in spending on the gems and the summons.
How to get a decent yellow hero???

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Costume portal is the worst portal for yellow hunting. There is only one costume for 3* (Bane), one for 4* (Li Xiu), and 2 for 5* (Joon, Vivica).

That’s 1 out of 15 three star heroes, 1 out of 12 four star heroes, and 2 out of 14 five star heroes.


But this is heroes which I actually want (esp. Vivica, because Joon do not change their role, but Vivica becomes a decent Kunchen-like tank on top of avg. (10 tiles) healing).

So wait for them to be featured, otherwise 10 pulls is nowhere close to secure landing them.


My GF was pulled Richard in x10 yesterday, along with featured Magni and Clarissa.

I pulled only Magni and Clarissa from 30 summons.

When Vivica was featured, I try to pull, and got only JF from 20 pulls. I do not know how to summon best, because odds is soooo low.

I wish I knew this before.I wasted my gems. I was hoping for a li xiu at least if not joon or vivicia.

This is a joke post, right?


If you want good yellow heroes, do a 10 pull at the Elemental portal when it comes around to yellow. You’ve got about 50/50 odds of getting Wu Kong in that 10 pull.

I’ll try that in the next elemental summon…thank you!!

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Nope…really happened!!

Try Valhalla better. There are many nice yellows like Mist (very good mana slow/ buff block), Gullinbursti (4* yellow healer), Sif and Norns (5*).

Will do!!thank you!!but this was the first time I pulled so many heroes So hoped for better hero pulls

Not so lucky with the featured heroes…don’t get them!

Like with anything else in the game. Patience. Patience. And again…you already know it…patience.


I think the costume portal has a lot to offer you and that while you didn’t get anything great this time, it’s the portal you want to focus on.

I would avoid the elemental portals, they are garbage and a waste of your money.

I would focus your money on Valhalla, to get Mist, an amazing 4 star yellow hero which is readily available. Of course you do more pulls if a yellow Valhalla hero is featured.

That or wait for a few months with a good yellow HOTM. This game rewards patience, not hasty decisions. Ascension materials are more limited than your time.

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Honestly, if you’re playing the long game, your best bet is to get a couple of training camp 20 and running them for months. Eventually you’ll get them.


Better get used to it.


Try pulling during the first and/or last 3 minutes when the new portal arrives. That is what i usually do and i am happy with most result. Sometimes, i log out my account, close the game, log in again and go directly to the summoning gates. Sometimes, i kill ducks and dragons minutes before the new portal opens.

I have seen some youtubers where they exit the summoning gates whenever they feel that they are not getting good heroes only to go to the portal and resume summoning after a few seconds. Also, there are events where you are most lucky. I am with Atlantis with only Ursena and Tarlak as better heroes i lack. I was lucky also with Teltoc, gotten all heroes except the cat and the ape. There are times when the gates are smiling, but mostly frowning especially to me as an F2Player

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A few of these things seem to work, and if they work for you, great

However, they are probably just superstition. The odds are the odds, and they aren’t influenced by anything you can do

You just need luck. So good luck.


Elemental portal is frankly a waste of gems. Better to get TC20 going for S1 heroes and save the gems to try for non-S1 heroes (or Costumes). Note the odds are usually high you’ll get a S1 3* anyway.


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