I paid and not gems pirate event

I have paid the offer and I haven’t got gems. Also I can’t buy the 3 left. It says I have just bought the item.
Please repair.
Second time it happens to me

Here’s how to proceed:


Hi I have three accounts and the gems have been given in one of them where I didn’t buy gems. The correct account is El Padrino and there I can’t buy the fifth offer. Also I want my 200 gems in this account.
Please repair.

Small Giant doesn’t officially support multiple accounts on the same device. It sounds like you may have a problem they won’t be able to deal with.

As @Garanwyn mentioned, please submit a help ticket for these issues. The forum is monitored by players like you so we don’t have access to personal information, etc.

Here’s where you go in-game to submit a ticket:

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