I paid all that money and couldn't win the game!

$$10000 what I spend. 4700+ power S3 S4 heroes. And it’s going to lose to the team of garbage S1 S2 Team. I will delete this game, waste my time.


Ooh can I be the first to respond to this please?

Takes a deep breath.

Now sir can you please explain what you mean exactly by your team is going to lose to these garbage heroes?


Money is not everything here. It also requires luck and skill.


Goodbye then.

Money doesn’t make you great learning synergy, stacking and a big load of luck are needed


Dude, money does give you an edge in this game (and a very big one), but it doesn’t guarantee countless victories or anything like that - just a quality and variety of your gaming


This is a game about chance, no skill, no super heroes, it’s all about the board, it’s useless to spend money in this game because it doesn’t matter …


should provide some video that you lose the game, so xpert player here can give you advice…


You better do, because when you realize people are beating those teams with 4* heros, it will push you over the mental edge. :see_no_evil:


Why are you roasting him for spending? To you it might be a lot, to some it’s little over 2-3 years. Srsly the pettiness on this forum…

Op sometimes its the board screwing you up. I lost to teams that i shouldn’t have as well.
Try to work on synergy among your heroes, see what could be changed.


RNG can be a nasty one at times lol. but yeah don’t matter how much you spend bud every dog has it’s day in this game.

If that’s something you can’t except leave the game before it turns u inside out.

P. S that’s to much money to be spending on a mobile app no wonder SG are balling lol. And don’t care about the real issues in the game.

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I don’t think it is right for anyone here to judge how anyone else spends their money. 10K on an entertainment budget, instead of giving it to charity? How much have we all spent on our entertainment over the years, vs how much we have donated? Whether it is drinking and going out or eating at fancy restaurants or taking holidays or pursuing a hobby… it is all the same in so far as it is money we spend to indulge ourselves. Which we each have a right to do. How much have we spent on a car, beyond the most basic one that would get us from point A to point B? This is also not different in any way, and it is not right to make someone feel guilty on spending money on themselves. We all have room to be more altruistic than we are, but that is a personal choice we have to make.

Now the fact that one expects to spend money on this game and automatically have the right to win everything - that is something I could get onboard in ridiculing. What enjoyment can there be in a game where there is no challenge and you can buy your way to winning everything? I wouldn’t understand a philosophy like that, at all. But I can go with “to each, their own” to some extent. But complaining when this scenario doesn’t play out and actual skill and effort is shown to be required to progress in the game… all I can say is that is truly sad


Let’s not all get preoccupied with the topic of spending, and instead get back to why the OP can’t buy luck (or skill).


I hear ya. That totally bites. Do me a favor. Step back and rework your the hero formations you use. Ive easily spent $500+ in 3 years and even though not what you spent i kick myself at times when the game is being selfish. Alot of cool heroes are not worth even playing. I would recommend asking others for help on synergy of heroes. Just remember that a few stacked cards and a favorable board will take out any players defense. Ive a fraction of the cards you have and sad to say my best results with defense so far is loki with a bunch season 1 heroes.

Indeed. I personally find ridiculous (some) players’ willingness to pay to get what they want in this game. It is something I can’t comprehend tbh (this morning watched unsuccessful hunt for Bera with 300 pulls).

But here the main topic is the expectation that money should make you untouchable. At least to players with garbage S1 and S2 heros. Where does this kind of elitism comes from - I’ve read so many things in this forum but this is the first time it is put out so directly.


The whole statement of “I paid this so I should win” is exactly the type of poisonous mindstate that ruined the game for me. I dont care what a person spends on whatever, like others said everyone entertainment budget is different, but the reality of that is those who spend a lot usually feel like they are above people who don’t and constantly show it with their snark remarks about ftp anytime someone speaks up. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a whale realize they still need to actually learn how to play.


I’m so happy that you’re happy :wink:.

All that’s left to say, GL in your future endeavours @sgsiquanjia.

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And here we have the root of confusion. Often enough in this forum the wording is “spend”. Grammatically correct but not optimal to describe what you have done here. Better you write:

$$10000 what I gambled.

There is a huge difference in my eyes. You have put 10k$ in a gambling machine. You have got something out but don’t forget that the other side of the game, the boards, are also gambling! In fact almost every little aspect of this game is gambling but gambling does not guarantee positive results. May it be in the summons, may it be on the board. Don’t worry too much. Luck will strike back eventually and sunshine will follow rainfall. Just take a breath and sit back for a while.

PS: I personally find this game much more attractive without spending. I cant even tell how lucky I feel just retrieving a non-S1 4* hero. It is soo rare that it almost feels like Christmas for me. If I would spend that much like you what would be left of that feeling? Its your choice of course but you could try this way. Maybe it helps you to again enjoy the game.



On the other hand I hear a lot of voices unhappy with the current “gamble for a hero” or “gamble for a AM” - system. Many suggestions out there call for retrieving a guaranteed 5* hero after a certain amount of lower-value-summons. Some even call for a hero of choice. Same for AM. Suggestions are usually in the range of 100-1000 summons. Too much for any FTP to archive. Thus, diamonds are needed on a regular basis, which we have to pay for. Usually these suggestions receive very positive feedback. But what else than “pay to get what you want” would this be? In this sense many players have similar thoughts: “I paid so I want to have …”. Nothing special about the OP but the dimension of money he spent.

What you are saying is “I spent therefore I should get the good heroes that maximise my chances of winning when factoring in opposition, my skill and luck of the board”.

What OP is saying is “I spent therefore I should win”.

Quite a big difference to my eyes.

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@Homaclese, @Annjul, sorry, this one spent 10k on a freackin’ cell phone video game… some people have no idea what the value of money is… I can’t imagine these were hard work earned money, except if the OP is an addict, and then this game is a real manace and should be subject to the same laws as any other casino. Except this is even worse, casinos allow players to win back their money, at least in theory. Don’t sell me that “you’re not entitled to judge” bullsiht, I am entitled to judge, we all are entitled to think and judge for ourselves. Of course, the charity part was sarcasm, but, call it as you will, spending 10k USD on a cartoon game is as close as one can go to flushing them down the drain… and flushing money down the drain is the effect of either insanity or… mental health issues…

@MuadDib, the OP opens up his rant with “$$10000”, so I think it’s safe to say, this is the main problem here. Luck comes and goes, skills in this here game are a lame joke, based on owning the right heroes and getting the right tiles, nothing more, nothing less and we all know how successful S1 and S2 heroes are against S3 and S4… The only real problem in this here topic is the frustration the OP shows for wasting 10.000 dollars. We could safely ignore the rest of the OP’s rant. Actually the problem at hand has deep roots, we all know it, some say it out loud, some hide it under the rug, but this insane power creep we’re all withnessing is the result of people spending insane amounts of money here.


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