I only have three training camps

I only have three training camps and can’t build any more. My stronghold is LV 25. I’ve already checked this thread and it’s no help. Can't get 4th traininh camp

I really, really want that fourth training camp. Any way I can do this?

If your stronghold is at lvl 25 already, you should have 4 Training Camps available… unless you have one of them converted into an advanced building, like Hero Academy, Alchemy Lab etc.,
Screenshots of your base can help us find it. :slightly_smiling_face:


What happens when you tap on these open spots?


I see 3 forges, hunter’s lodge and barracks, that means you have to convert something that is not forge into it. What buildings did you convert to have barracks and hunter’s lodge?


“Maximum number of buildings” on everything except a forge or a farm.

It looks like I mistakenly converted a training camp into a Hunter’s Lodge. However, my hunter’s lodge is at level 10. I really, really don’t want to convert it back. Is there nothing else that can work?

You may want to double check & confirm this, but I believe if you change the level 10 Hunter’s Lodge back into a training camp and then a farm into the lodge, your lodge will still be at level 10. That progress is kept, even if another building transforms into it. Again, double check–but I think that’s the case.


You can convert you HL back into your Training Camp without loosing its progress and you can choose other buildings to convert them into the HL.
Personally I use a forge( min level 5 required) to switch between HL and Barracks, it only takes 10 seconds for each action and no resources needed…the only requirement is to have a builder available to do that. :wink:

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You should have something like this. Switch between Hunters Lodge and Barracks when needed. I never produced anything from HT so that the Barracks takes that spot permanently.
A house and an iron storage is currently under construction.

If I’m not mistaken, you can convert back hunter’s lodge into camp and then forge into hunter’s lodge and it should still be lvl 10.

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Okay, I’ve got quite a few strategies here. I’m currently upgrading my Alchemy Lab and something else, can’t remember what, so when I get a builder, I’ll give it a shot. I’ll keep you updated.

This has been a big help.
Thanks, folks.

Okay, I’ve got four training camps now, so good job, everyone. I had to lose my Hunter’s Lodge though.
I have an Alchemy Lab a Hero Academy. Is it not possible to have all three advanced buildings at once?

You can; just sacrifice your Forges.

I personally have:
1x Forge (swings to Hunters Lodge when I need it)
1x Alchemy Lab (Forge Converted)
1x Hero Academy (Forge Converted)
1x Barracks (Forge Converted).

I rarely ever need more than the 1x Forge. When I do, I just convert the Barracks over to a forge for temporary use.

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I like leaving my barracks open all the time. My AL and HA are on two of my forges. I’ve placed my barracks on a TC since I’m usually only running two at a time.

You can also sacrifice a farm if you want to keep 1 forge. This is what I have done whilst my builder is in use, once (if) I complete my buildings I’ll probably then switch between forge/Hunters Lodge or barracks/hunters lodge

Bad idea food production is just too precious to be wasted. Just convert one of your forge and switch into a barrack when you need to level troops.

My food production at the moment is fine for my level/style of play - I don’t have any urgent heroes to work on and I don’t yet have HA10 open. So not too much to spend food on, I’m just sinking excess into training camps (i.e. storage), harpoons and troops, for which I have plenty.

Since I’m working towards HA10, my builder is tied up for weeks at a time, and I prefer to have all the buildings open for PoV or other requirements over food production.

Even so you’d better store that food into training camps.

I guarantee you you will regret later missing all that food you could have had :cry:


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