I never thought I'd see the day

I am totally out of Tall Boots AND Scabbards? I don’t know how to feel about that…


I know what you are rooting for in your next elemental chest. Fingers crossed for Das Boots!


If I could pick up about 50 of each, that’d be great!

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How long you’ve been playing?

My current stock is 853 boots and 822 scabbards after almost 3 years playing.

Or… how meny troops have you already trained?

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I’ve been playing going on 3 years. I believe I started playing around May of '18.

Ever since HA was released and I got up to level HA6, and I’ve been training troops since that day. My current queue is 167 days, or 67 trainings. I’m not sure how many I’ve done, but it’s been a bit. :slight_smile:

wow! 335 boots and scabbards committed… that’s quite a bit.

Good luck replenishing your stock, I just got out of training swords after having a few thousands.

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I haven’t used training swords in forever!!! I am creeping up on having 13k of those! Lol.

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I’m like this with rope when I want to power level a 5*

HA2 is great for feeders but burns rope like anything.

More rope in my chests please!!


I’m with you. I have 151 rare troops in the queue cooking. To help make up ground I am constantly running Alchemy Lab 12 (Rare Ascension Materials) to get my boots and scabbard supply back up.

This is the nature of this game: you either stockpile something not useful, or deplete it quickly since income is always low.


How in heavens name did you run out of boots and scabbards?

Maybe we can work something out, :wink:

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HA6 takes Boots and Scabbards to train 3* troops. :slight_smile:

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This is why I’m doing the Alchemy lab next as my HA10 finishes up. It will be nice to be cooking things I need out of things I don’t, and generate the alkashards for emblems and good mats.

Often the game has a solution already for problems we encounter. Except for no roster space from 5* dupes (HA10 queue would do that!)

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Lol. This thread made me check my inventory:

I should have thousands in them each in stock. I wondered why only have a few of them. Thus, i checked on my structures and found out:

Yeah. HA6 has been draining me of scabbards and tall boots. Good thing i have over a year’s worth of iron and recruits stored in there: