I need to restore access to my account (broken cellphone)

Hello everyone!

I accidentally dropped my cellphone (IOS) from a second floor window, and it shattered. Now I have a Android device, but I can’t access my former account, I need urgent help…

Try this:

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Not yet. I don’t have a Facebook account, and the google form didn’t work. :frowning:

Sorry, you can try creating a support ticket with SGG support but unless the account was linked to a Google or Apple account, it could be rather difficult to retrieve…


Dude, I was getting worried about you! I started Googling “Brazilian Diplomat Hospitalized”! Glad I looked here!

I stated in Line, being in an alliance is like living in an apartment building. You don’t see your neighbor/friend come home, and you start to worry.

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Be honest, you got that 6th tonic for Alby and you threw your phone in excitement, didn’t you?

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Sounds like a llama-related domestic altercation

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It is linked to an Apple account, I’m still trying. Sad situation…

Time to get an iPad or ipod.

Solved! Thank you Carl and all SGG staff for the quick response to my ticket. Now I need to get used with my old cellphone until I get a new Iphone <3

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