I need to know

How does this work? Broken raid system is why i stopped raiding for 3 weeks.

The green Beken happened first (you successfully defended). The second one, red, Beken won and you lost. The most recent fight in time appears first in your tower, with earlier fights showing below.

I get that. How can i gain 11, then lose 52. This aint the first time this happened. Broken raid system.
I took the liberty(seeing as gold tier pays horrible) to cup drop to 600.

sorry. 800. I got 4 mofe flasks to drop down yet.

Don’t know the profile of Beken but trophies to harvest are related to the trophies the opponents have. If you got more trophies as Beken, Beken gets more trophies as you. As higher the gap as higher the trophy reward for a won raid.

This kinda ■■■■ cancels out any $$ being put in the game. Ill reap the same rewards down low or by not raiding at all. Its w.e.

Hard to read the trophies but anyway It’s important at the time of the raid and not what it is now. So when Beken attacked you was your amount of trophies higher as hers?
If not this might be an issue for SG…

Your attacker had significantly fewer trophies than you when they attacked. Thus when they lost, they lost only a few trophies. Then when they won, they won lots of trophies.

If you want to duplicate this pattern when you are attacking, choose targets that have significantly more trophies than you. Then when you win, you’ll win lots. Win you lose, you’ll lose only a few.

This have been explained many, many times before in the forum. It’s not complicated.

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Has no one figured this out yet? The Easter Bunny comes once a year (and is quite popular around here) but trophies are delivered every day. Where do you think they come from? Everybody started out with zero. The amount won is always greater than the amount lost. The game generates trophies, not the Easter Bunny. If the same two players kept battling each other they would both end up with more trophies. Food and Iron I do not know.

The end.