I need to know Needler's Talent

can someone please type Needler’s talent here for me please…
Poor Needler… I have been trying to find out for the past two days what his actual talent is, and almost no one bothers to give him emblems… :rofl:
If you have a screenshot with his TALENT section displayed, that would be helpful :smiley:
thank you!

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Needler is a ranger with the talent pierce. Is there any specific information you are looking for?


And he’s great at knitting


OP may be looking for the Screencap of his Talent Tree.

I thought the Wiki might have that information, but after the 1* and 2* Raid Tourney scrap by SGG, the need or desire for putting Emblems on 1 and 2 stars may have diminished even more (unless there are some that did it for novelty reasons).

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yes… what is the full written description of his piercing talent?

Thank you Jonah!! :smiley:

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The description of pierce talent is same for all heroes of the ranger class. I am screen shotting my Triton and his talent tree for reference.

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:thinking: that is definitely helpful… but… of course, Needler’s percentage of Piercing Talent is much lower than 4* talent… that’s what I’m looking for… that’s why I was looking for an actual pic, cos I want to be accurate when I tell my peeps about the awesomeness of Needler as a 2* hero! :rofl:


Nope, the percentage is always same for heroes in the same class, the star rating of the hero does not matter. The pierce talent starts at 0% with no talent, and gets incremented by +5% with each talent node.


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