I need to find my game now!

Android. Playing thru Google games. Level 30. OWNERS OF SG: This is after a little more than two months of play. I’ve got 7 or 8 solid teams, 18 or 20 smascended 5* and many fully leveled and emblemed hero’s. Yes, in 2 months. AND ABOUT $8,000!

All I get is a blank screen with your logo in the middle. No option to do anything. A no answer or a canned computer generated answer is probably not going to do it and if you guys don’t do something I will soon begin the arduous task of getting all those charges reversed.

Hi @Boril

Just checking you’ve contacted support already? Forum staff aren’t able to address account problems.

And, absolutely no disrespect intended but occasionally people miss the obvious steps when there’s a lot on the line, have you done a reboot of your device and checked for updates?

I hope it’s resolved for you very soon.


No disrespect taken. Can you please give me a link or phone # to support?

How to contact support:

Support website:

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