I need to buy some tonic

Who has taken all the heroes tonic
Does anyone have any for sail I just need 1 for now been trying for months to get some and it just isn’t happening

You gotta go to that store over there on the corner and ask for some. He’ll put it in a paper bag and then you can sip on it while you walk the streets.


You can buy the tonic from Patience shop. But it’s a limited edition item. Probably put on sale once in a blue moon.


I will sell you one - for darts

Psssst, hey buddy…got some of that “juice” right here! It’s gonna cost ya though, this stuff ain’t cheap.
So what your gonna do is bring 3 circus midgets, 4 pails of grease and a baby pool. We set this up in the middle of Philadelphia, grease up the midgets and you WRESTLE them. You win, “juice” is yours, you lose…well let’s just say midgets don’t appreciate being greased up and tossed in a baby pool… Capeesh?


Is this the stuff you’re looking for?


Maybe you looking in the wrong places for them


I can sell you one for a hidden blade to finish off Wilbur. I have been waiting weeks lol

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There’s been a massive recall on tonics due to salmonella. Will need to wait a few more weeks.

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But seriously, no, tonics are very scarce, and there’s no way to trade items among accounts.

Occasionally in the Store you’ll see a Nature Ascension pack, which may include a mysterious tonic. Look at the odds on this pack before buying it (odds are shown under the ? Icon)—you are very unlikely to get that tonic.

The two sure sources of tonics:

  • Shrikewood rare quest. Rare quests pop up about every 10 days; there are seven distinct quests, and each gives one of the seven 4* mats upon completion.
  • occasional special offers for a bunch of gems, a tonic, and other goodies for $20-$100.

Otherwise, just keep taking down big titans, finish chest assignments ASAP, and win wars (for the war chest at 25 points). Oh, and watch as many Mystic Visions as possible.

I’m sorry, it was me


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