I need some help with defence building

I have some nice heroes to build defence with and I have few ideas but I’m not sure which one will be best

I don’t have any green 5* what is annoying.

I was thinking about using Roostley (I can take him up to +15/16 right now) and Killhare for family bonus but I would have to take emblems of Poseidon(I’m using him mainly for wars/class quests and I’m not raiding with yellow at all)

I don’t think that puting my JF in defence is good idea because of emblems lack but I can max Yang Mai and bring her up to +15/16 and I will do it.

I have HA so I can use formations.

Thank you all.

Without knowing what troop you have, I will do from left to right Gullinbursty, Krampus, Alfrik, posidon and on the other wing can be Jean F., Killhara, or glenda if you want a dispeller