I need some help figuring out my 3* heroes

I’m having some trouble with figuring out which 3* heroes are worth keeping, and which aren’t. I am a long way from getting TC 20, and have no 5* heroes. I do have some 4* heroes, since I’ve reached TC 13, but most are stuck waiting for materials. I still have a bunch of maxed 2* heroes which I use for wars.

Blue: Boril, Sonya
Green: Caedmon, Kashhrek
Purple: Proteus
Red: Colen
Yellow: Wu Kong

I have the following 3* heroes, and need to make sense of which are worth prioritizing. I checked out the E&P Bible, and looked at the grades, but other than Gunnar & Oberon looking like bad options, I’m unsure who is junk. Some of the lower graded heroes got maxed because they were my first or in some cases only option for a 3* of a color at the time.

Blue: Gunnar, Valen
Blue Maxed: Graymane, Ulmer

Green: Belith, Berden, Brienne, Carver, Friar Tuck
Green Maxed: Isshtak

Purple: Renfeld, Oberon, Tyrum
Purple Maxed: Balthazar, Prisca

Red: Azar, Hawkmoon, Nashgar
Red Maxed: Jahangir

Yellow: Dawa, Gan Ju
Yellow Maxed: Bane

Any help would be appreciated.


For 3* Max in this Order:

Blue: Valen, Gunnar (for the link)

Green: Belith, Berden, Brienne, the rest

Red: Nashgar, Hawkmoon, Azar

Yellow: Gan Ju

Purple: Tyrum, the rest

Do your 4* first unless they’re all stuck or done, since they’ll be more beneficial. Once you get enough heroes for war, those 2* wont ever get use, so keep them if they’re sentimental- or else I’d eat em. Also, keep all of the 3* you’ve already maxed, they’ll come in handy for war and challenge events.


I’ve maxed all 3* heroes by the time I reached TC20. (Used quite a lot of gems to expand my hero pool to 150 tho)

Belith and Valen are the two I use the most atm, together with 4* and 5*.
For Link buff I use Gunnar AND Kailani together.

For Attack (in wars, special quests) I use Isstak, Bane, Nashgar, Azar, Balthazar.

Any other 3* hero is squishy and hadn’t really proven to be useful at any point in the gameplay.
Ulmer is good if he is alive, in fact he is the best AoE(that tasty def breaker debuff yum yum) as a 3* imo, however he dies fast. In arena or war he is 1 hit even before he charges his mana.
Graymane is weak. Really weak attacker.

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I consider Gunnar and Valen to be the best 2 3* ice heroes. Max them up, they’ll come in handy for the beginner teir of events. Gunnar’s spirit link is very viable in hard quests also I don’t have Grimm so Valen comes in handy outside of events. Id ascend either in front of Gray and Ulmer.

The hero grades are subjective not objective, and they also are skewed to have lower grades than deserved for slow heroes (even if they have amazing specials worth their speed) all for the reason of the prefered individual play styles of the creators of the hero grades. Look those grades up for sure but dont take them as an end all. It even gives amazing heroes like isarnia and vivica a B grade when they’re both worthy of an A- atleast in my opinion.

Belith is a great 3* she heals 1/3 health for your entire team and dispells buffs from all enemies in one swoop. She’ll in handy in the Avalon and Grimmforest event especially. Brienne is great for titans, events and rare quests. Berden is a great hitter, he’ll come in handy more than Jenneh for wars.

Balthazar is probably the best spiker of the 3* heroes its good you have him leveled up. I dont like his stats but its a good idea to Max Tyrum if you have the time, motivation and resources. Extra enemy buff dispellers are very useful in wars and events. Having a maxed Tyrum makes the rare and epic teir of the Guardians event easier.

Max Hawkmoon definitely. 3* healers are needed for events and if you’re doing a level with a lot of nature and no ice heroes Belith may not be ideal. You also should have as many decent healers as you can get for war. Imo you maxing atleast one fire spiker 3* in time could be useful. I think either Nashgar or Azar is a good choice so pick your preference. I picked Azar and use her for color stacking in raids since I have no fire 4* hitters leveled up (i only have Boldtusk and Wilbur leveled up to viable levels. Colen is on the bench)

Your call on the yellows. If I had to pick between Dawa and Gan Ju, Id pick the latter. Dawa seems almost useless. If you have a 4* holy hero to put resources into in the mean time I would probably hold out for a second bane or kailani as they are much more useful. I decided to level kailani and melia as my other holy 3* heroes but they get used less than Bane.

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Keep and level any Atlantis or Event 3* heroes. In addition, I keep and use the following:

Purple: Balthazar x2, Tyrum
Yellow: Bane, Gan Ju, Kailani
Red: Hawkmoon, Azar, Nashgar
Green: Belith, Berden, Brienne
Blue: Valen, Gunnar, Ulmer


Feed Jahanger

Max those guys in qoutes

Thanks everyone for the replies.

What is clear to me that since none of you mentioned Renfeld, Oberon, Carver or Friar Tuck, they are likely feeders for me, luckily not much effort wasted there on those.

To the suggestion I feed Jahangir, I actually have duplicates of him waiting to feed to a worthy red hero. My issue is that I would be feeding him to another 3* hero if I do it now, which seems bad for leveling specials. I really need to get the materials I need to push my stuck Green & Red 4* heroes.

I’m going to wait to feed the 3* heroes to 4* heroes, hopefully not much longer to wait!

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I actually like using a maxed Jahangir in some of the events

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I’m kind of surprised Brienne doesn’t get more love here. She is one of the best of the S1 3*'s imo. Combine her with a spirit link and watch the damage soar.


All good advice for the time being, especially work on those 4*, and get some better 3*s to max.

Ultimate with time you will find you don’t need any 3* in the long term unless you hope to get into the top 10 in rare events, which for most of us is never going to happen. 11th place is a sad kick in the groin with nothing unfarmable.

For War they will be handy until you have 30+ 4* with a few 5*, which will happen before you know it.

Work on those 4* heroes as top priority, Proteus is your best friend and will get you through final levels in Legendary Events with some Mana boosters and a good compliment of 4*, get him up there asap.

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Same. Brienne + Kailani was the OG Khiona + Wilbur

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All 3* heroes are worth picking in my opinion even if they are bad, they’ll come in handy to take down a weak enemy on AW or serve their purpose on quests or events. Having said that i’d go with:

Blue: Valen, Gunnar (he is not bad at all)
Green: Belith, Berden, Brienne, Fire Truck. Keep postponing Carver if you get another green 3*.
Purple: Tyrum. Oberon and Renfeld are meh to be honest, so level them as you like or go for a dupe of Balthazar if you get one.
Red: Hawkmoon, Azar, Nashgar.
Yellow: I’d wait to hape a copy of Bane or a Kailani, but if I have to choose I’d level Gan Ju first and then Dawa.


I need some help figuring out with 3 star dark hero to keep also…

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Here’s my 2 cents

Keep all of your 3*s for now, especially if you’re F2P or C2P.

In terms of leveling priority for the darks you do have, I would say renfeld, oberon then prisca. Renfled has a really nice costume which hopefully you’ll eventually get. Oberon will be useful for rush attack tourneys even when you have a more developed roster. Prisca doesn’t impress me but if you have limited options she’ll add depth to your war bench early on. Take one hero to max before working on another.

Although it’s tempting to pour all your resources into a 5* if you have one early on, this will actually slow your progress. You need a decent diverse roster to aquire more resources. And even later in the game you’ll want maxed 3s and 4s for tourneys and events. It’s also way less resource intensive to max them compared to 5*s. (Which you probably don’t yet have ascension materials for.)

Good luck!


Thank you!! I’ll do that until something better comes along!

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I’d suggest that you simply keep every 3* hero you get at this point. Those are your only 12 heroes, and You really only have 1 that is food right now: Derric.

Layla is probably the best 2* in the game, and is actually useful at times. You might as well get her maxed. I’m the OP from over 2 years ago, and still have her in my roster, which holds 200+ heroes. She gets used in the evnts where you can only uses heroes once, and even every once in a while in 3* tourneys.

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Depends on how you want to approach the game. If you want to be an all-rounder, for wars, titans, raids and everything else then my suggested approach would be to max what you have now and fill out your 3* bench. Then max out whatever 4* you have, then 5*.

As odd as that may sound it helps you get through the maps a bit quicker and gaining the loot required to strengthen your overall game.

My best advice is as above. Keep all your 3* and level a good portion of them. They will help you in wars, raids, events and tournaments.

The family of alliances I sit in has some seriously good players and our event line is active all the time talking about what hero’s and teams we are working on. One of the most discussed is Rare teams. We have masses of 5* and yet there we are discussing 3* team synergy the most.

I think I have over 40 maxed 3* so I can tell anyone that they are as relevant today as they have always been. Even today we are all chatting about how the tournament is going since the emblem reward makes top 1% important again.

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