I need help 😊

What should be the most effective sorting?

*** our tank color is purple


Red: Vanda, Emilio
Blue: Finley, Gaillard, Morel
Green: Bertila, Garjammal
Yellow: Akkorog
Purple: Ludwig, sargasso, domitia, victor
(All full)

Bertila - Morel - Freya - Elizabeth - Akkorog

from left to right,morel,elizabeth,freya,akkorg milena Δ± think not bad

Wow! Two very different casts :blush:

My favourites:
Garjamamal/ Regular Lianna (depending on who does more damage)-Milena-Freya-Elizabeth-Akkarog

Milena is really annoying as a left flank with her healing, cleaning and mana boost (or hit at charge 3 when usually is game over). And Akkarog’s first hit is devastating, plus Elizabeth charges faster as a flank.

or (to protect yourself from anti-minion heroes)

Garjamall/ regular Lianna - Milena - Ludwig - Elizabeth - Akkarog

You can also test more options and see the results

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