I need help to unlink from a broken android device

Hello I’ve tried to contact support for help with my account that’s link to a android device that’s broken . I still have an active account on my iOS device but I need to link it to a new android device and am unable to do so . Is there any developer in here to assist

If your other account was backed up to google play games or facebook if you are signed back into one of those with the same sign in info it should automatically port all your progress over

It’s not working have tried and have message the developers through game for. 2 days and no response , have also contacted google and they contact the developers

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?

I don’t know if I want to risk that . I don’t want to loose my game progress

I can understand that. But I honestly don’t really know what else to suggest other then maybe try clearing the game cache

I think if the game was unlinked from current google account I could relink to new device

I’ve switched devices a few times and never had that problem so I honestly dont know

Got the same issue
My account is probably lost in limbo
Account number = pointless

No game developers in forum?

As far as I’m aware the forum is pretty much all just players, some are limited to what we can do to help. Submitting a support ticket is your best bet and if you’ve done that then now it’s a waiting game

You should be able to go into your Google account via a web browser and see all devices connected and disconnect a device from there.

If you have multiple Google accounts then you need to to access the one your game is connected to and remove the device from in there.

When playing the one game on multiple devices, it is wise to use the same email address on every one of those devices as the main account and then from there add new accounts if you need them.

It’s also advisable if you have multiple devices to link and sync them all I to one account, this way no matter where you go all accounts work as one.


Have done it more than once and there’s no follow message with support ticket

You don’t need a support ticket to access your Google account.

Just go to a browser and log into Google accounts and find your devices

Yes I do have the game link to one email account I did look in google play game setting and there’s no option to unlink the game . However I still have the game on my iPhone so i still can play there , i need to relink On my new android because the old one is broken

Give me a sec please I will show you

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Okay I hope this help

This first screenshot is what you see when you log into your Google acc from a browser.

Then click on the security tab at the top and scroll down to devices.

Tap on the (Manage Devices) at the bottom to open the next screen below

Now tap on the 3 dots to the right side and open the box as displayed here.

From there you can sign out,

If you only have one device thus it won’t let you disconnect it then follow this step below instead.

But do this from within the settings of the device you want to keep using if the email address connected to your game is the same as that device.

I know it sounds confusing a bit but it is actually very simple.

NOTE! that for all devices to be synced to 1 game they MUST without fail ALL USE the same account using the EXACT SAME google acc email address and password.

Any differences within any one of these will create a failed attempt.

Am going to try now and tell or show you results after

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