I need help putting together my ideal raid defense team

Any recommendations would be super helpful.

This will be a useful thread for you: 4* heroes positioning guide


Your best tank is costumed Horghall, so I’d go with this:

Sonya, cRigard, cHorghall, Wilbur, Proteus

I’d replace all 4*s when you get sturdier heroes (preferably 5*s).


I’m a fan of rainbow defenses, so I’ll recommend:

Sonya - Wilbur - Horghall - Rigard - Bane

While Bane is a 3-star hero, you’ve given him emblems and he’s about as strong as Sonya.

In addition to the good advice from @Bwang, there is a theory that you should put weak colors next to strong colors, e.g., Wilbur goes next to Horghall because you should assume that your opponent will stack red against your green tank, and the red tiles they throw at him may “splash” and charge Wilbur.

Remember, also, that the RNG will fire specials from left-to-right if more than one hero is charged, so it’s good to have dispellers, cleansers, and healers to the left. My proposal violates that with Rigard to the right, obviously, so I’m ranking the “splash” consideration above the healers-to-the-left consideration.

Wilbur is also good against titans, so you’ll want to continue to max him. At some point, when you’ve also maxed Gormek, you may consider swapping them as while Gormek’s defense down is lower than Wilbur’s, his special does hit enemies, and would align with a consideration that you don’t want too many “passive” heroes on your defense (passive meaning their specials do not inflict any direct damage).

Good luck.


What colour tank does your alliance use? Do they use the same coloured tank in war? :thinking:

We don’t have coordinated tanks at this stage. We are a pretty new alliance and people are just getting established so most of us of t have a lot of tank options.

I like @DaveCozy’s suggestion,and would suggest maxing BT quickly as Wilbur is super easy to counter on defense.

Then I agree with DaveCozy Groot for tank. However I would level up more 4* heros as levelling 5* heros, especially for new players is not an efficient use of resources. I’d hold off levelling Zoc any further and instead level Mel /Caedmon.

I used Boldtusk successfully as tank in Gold /Platnium as his revive is awesome and you have his costume too - bonus.


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