I Need Help Putting My Frustrations Into Context


  1. I downloaded the app and joined the game
  2. I quickly realized I needed to join an “alliance”
  3. I joined an alliance and have stuck with it and progressed over the past few months along with a few others that were able to join.


  1. There are six or seven active members on a stagnant roster of 30
  2. I guess we hold our own? I wouldn’t really know because I’ve never been in another alliance, but we do ok “I guess?” Even though we rarely win an alliance war or defeat a four start Titan
  3. I’ve expressed on a couple occasions a possible need to clear a few inactives to make way for those that might benefit us, but nobody ever responds. The chat is pretty much dead.

So anyway, I left an exhausting run of playing Game Of Thrones over the past couple of years and don’t want to repeat that. Along with Discord, emails, and the personal phone calls that came along with it.

How does an alliance in this game work? If a leader or co-leader becomes inactive are others able to pick up the torch and make decisions? I know there have been some people that have been dropped from our alliance and new members have joinedbso I know somebody is still capable of doing these things, but why hold on to so many members that have been inactive for so long and keep the roster full at 30? What is the point in that? Is there one or some members incapable of being dropped? I don’t really understand how it works.

Anyway this was my last alliance post

Any insight into how the mechanics of the “hierarchy” in this game would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance


You should look for a new alliance, unfortunately there are many ghost alliances out there with inactive leaders. Leaders, co-leaders and elder can remove inactive players, but when they are also inactive it’s a ghost ally.

Have a look to the recruiting section here in the forum. Alliances with more active players will hit higher lvl titans for better access to ascension materials.


To be honest once the leader / co-leader leaves an alliance becomes pretty much stale and fills up with inactive players.
My advice would be to look for a family of alliances that includes a teaching alliance.
That way you can choose to be as active as you want and get all the help, support and encouragement that a new player needs.
Good luck
Can you help with suggestions on training alliances / family alliance groups


I agree that a new alliance is in order. Hundreds of days inactive seems like a waste of space. Our alliance allows 5 days of inactivity before members get kicked. Some alliances are more strict and require members to use all war / titan flags. Anyway, good luck with the alliance or with finding a new one. We actually just had a couple openings. Our alliance is TD101 if you need a new home.



Had that experience in mid-2018 when I was still a fledgling of level 20ish that time. It was alright from the start when we have a full roster of active players. Then the leader and coleader became several days inactive. Then the days became weeks, weeks became months. When I realized that they won’t be coming back, I and a few still active in the game that time broke from that dead alliance and started our own. I didn’t spend the cost of creating the alliance but a few days or months in the new alliance, leadership was handed to me. The reins of our group changed hand several times, but it all ended back to me, several times. My alliance is not top notch and its players are not the best. It is a laid back group of players coming from various continents but mostly oftentimes follow simple titan rules and war rules: kill the identified targets, be guided of the war chronology, and use all war flags wisely. Even if we do not excel on anything, or we knew each other personally, but we have bonded and have created a good rapport with each other, using Line as an extra means of communicating among ourselves, including off-game related matters. Creating or maintaining an alliance is a challenging affair.

In sum, I think you are better off with a new alliance or by joining some established one. That way, you’ll grow as a player and be able to communicate fairly with other players of equal or greater in-game activity.


You have fallen into “alliance hell”. Or “alliance purgatory”. Some variation of the two.

The way the alliances work: leaders are able to set name, set alliance flag, set alliance notices, set alliance requirements, promote, demote, kick, or accept anyone who attempts to join.

Co-leaders can adjust certain features and do much of the same, though they cannot promote nor demote anyone up to or already at their own level.

Elders can accept or deny join requests, can kick out regular members, but lack any promotion/demotion or alliance meddling type stuffs.

Members can’t do a damn thing, except play and collect loot and hope that they don’t upset any of the higher ups.

IF YOU HAVE AN INACTIVE LEADERSHIP or an otherwise lackluster/zero faith in kind of leadership: there is currently no way to “kick” them out of their own alliance. But you can all team up and start a new alliance, if most of the active players are on the same page and all agree to accepting a new leader.

IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY HOLDING A LEADERSHIP ROLE YOURSELF, feel free to flex your leadership muscles a bit. Especially if none of your fellow leaders are doing so or willing to talk about it.

The way I see it is, if someone has been offline for 400 days, it’s probably safe to say that they aren’t coming back anytime soon. And if they do come back a year later and say “what the hell haz u done to my alliance?” Just look at them and say “bruh… we thought u wuz dead.” :rofl:

EDIT: Just in case… get contact info from your regular active players so that you can find them in the event that the original alliance does end up dissolving. Contact info could be anything from tagging them on here, getting their email, phone number, hooking up with them on Line or Discord, etc.

To further add on to that… you guys are only fighting 4* titans? Really won’t take you all that long to get back up to 4* titans again with a new alliance. And last time I checked, it only cost 50 gems to create a new alliance. Get their info, come up with a name, tell them all to search it and join.


I admire your enthusiasm to revitalise your alliance, but when…

It’s time to find a new alliance. There are many active alliances that don’t put up with inactive people and they’d also welcome you. Just post a thread in the alliance recruitment section, stating what you want and recruiters will come calling.

Starting your own alliance is also an option, but there are so many new alliances, and starting at 1* titans is a chore IMHO. GL


Find a good alliance or not really depends on luck and somehow a bit time consumming, if you find a potential alliance you can browse their allience info and members online record to see if too many inactive members there, mark down the alliance name and keep finding more options. Choose the best one to join after comparison.


The eternal problem of Empire’s…Zombie/ghost alliances that are full but have only a small group of active players.

You’ll definitely need to jump overboard and either start your own or rummage through Alliance Recruitment in game or on here. Alternatively, as @Sarah2 said, post your own ad on here in the Recruitment section, stating your player stats and see what offers come up!

Players have been asking (begging?) SG to tidy up the zombie alliances problem for years, but to no avail, so it’s going to continue to be a source of frustration. Even more so now when new players to Empires are “auto offered” a spot in an alliance via their base screen. These ones are invariably zombie. Not good at all.

Happy hunting and good luck @Halo


Thank you all so much for your input . I truly appreciate it.

My only other experience of playing a game with alliances, like I said in the original post, was Game of Thrones. I guess I’m realizing with our alliance there, we just got lucky. We all started as new players and the core of us stuck together for 2 years. After some time for many of us kids, family, careers, and whatnot kind of took over so we collectively decided to call it quits and disband. But because of that, I’ve made lifelong friends around the globe that I still talk to on a regular basis. I guess in my mind I figured all alliances were like that. Kind of silly. I suppose that’s where my frustration came from.

Anyway again, thank you all so much for your advice and sharing your insight on how an alliance works.


Your alliance is a dud and will take you nowhere. Had you considered putting in a “recruit me” ad in the recruitment section? There are a pile of alliance families that have entry level and above alliances. There are some great folks who will look after you. All the best. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Time to move on. There’s a difference between a regular player and a player that opens up the app every once in a while to play a funny match 3 game.

Inactive players in our alliance get warned and if that doesn’t help they just get kicked. When active players need a short break they will announce it so nothing bad happens.

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There are all levels of “commitment” expected from alliances — you should be able to find one that is easy-going enough for your taste, while still providing the connection between people that makes the game fun. I suppose I should plug my alliance family — Crew — but this is general discussion, and you can find us in the forum.

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@Halo I agree with what JGE said, and I’d advise you as well to finding a new home that is up to what you expect.

I recommend browsing through #alliance-recruitment and posting there to find an alliance that fits you. If you are looking for a new alliance, I’d recommend posting there and make sure you understand their requirements. Some alliances want players to have external chat apps while others are more relaxed about that stuff.

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Belonging to an active, supportive and fun alliance really makes this game so much better!

You definitely need to leave your current one. I guarantee there is a home for you somewhere.

There are so many great ones out there, with various levels of commitment and expectations, and there is certainly one that fits your playing style. check out the recruitment thread, and see if one immediately catches your eye. I would recommend joining one that uses Discord or Line as that makes communicating so much easier (though it certainly is not a requirement). Also, take the opportunity to get to know a few members first so you can better know if it’s the right fit for you, and vice versa.

Join one that has clear rules and expectations that you are comfortable with. I guarantee your E&P experience will become immensely better.

Good luck finding a new home!

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Yes, I’m definitely going to start looking around. I have another question

Would leaving or joining a new alliance in any way affect this?:

It might sound dumb, but I’d like to collect all my available points. Do I need to wait until the Path of Valor ends or is there a “bad” time that it would affect this?

I’m going to assume it won’t affect that. Players change alliances all the time and if that particular quest was penalised for doing so, its a safe bet someone would’ve posted on the forum by now to complain about it.

Unless there is some obscure small print attached in the PoV release notes, I’d say you’re free to do as you wish :slightly_smiling_face:.

@DaveCozy would probably be able to give you a definitive answer.


If the leaders aren’t will to cut dead weight, that isn’t the alliance for you. If you’ve tried and they disregard your request, I would personally search elsewhere.

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Definitely move on. Feel free join TheExiled. Were all active, all 20 of us. Casual play unless you join wars. Could use a fresh voice… :slight_smile:

Most of us can accommodate your friends in that alliance as well if they want move on to.

Happy hunting… and no your POV does not change. Once you completed it that portion is done. :slight_smile:

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Nothing dumb about wanting to get as much from POV as possible. Joining a new alliance before war matchmaking starts will ensure you get your attacks in.

But I believe you can miss a war or maybe 2 and still complete all the levels of that task.


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