I need help people I'm so bummed – need help recovering account

My boyfriend broke my phone I need to recover my account .I only have two possible emails I used when I first started the game but when I signed in with each email I couldn’t find previous account

Install the game into another phone, login to the game thorough Googleplay. It will direct you to your precious game.

This is dependent on the platform, IOS or Droid?
With IOS, download the game, login through game center should restore your acount

Spanish reporter asked 100 random girls on the street to choose between their boyfriends or their phones
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Hopefully he apologized and bought a new one !!!

He apologized alot and felt really bad. It was an old phone I had but still used it because all my info was on it but he broke it like 3 days ago. I got a new phone about a month ago. I called my old phone my wifi phone because it had no minutes

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If you need help, you’ll want to contact SG directly:


Here is the FAQ article on recovering your account:

Hello,have problem iphone has upgrade soft,and i lose account ,im not
Register in game
Center,just facebook ,but then join in face book i just give 50 gems for new account .

Do you mean you lost it after a software update or played without a game center account?

Give it
Now ? I so nervous now 55lvl
Much money for germs

I’d advise you to submit a support ticket from within the game or a PC (probably the PC) but game centre stores all your information so it should all be recoverable fairly easily.

My game
Center was closed all
Time,then i think
Now hard restore … how me write to administrator ? I wanna get my acc back i try do all nothing help me

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