I need help deciding which 4* & 3* heroes to level up

I’ve run low on 4* ascension materials and was recommended by other forum members to work on my 3 and 4 * heroes. I would like any advice for heroes to use in raid tournaments, titan battles, and alliance wars.


4 Stars:
Caedmon second costume,
Xiahou Dun,
Li Xiu second costume
You have great 4 stars and a lot of them can fit well in a teem with 5 stars.


Agreed with the above, and also

4 Stars:

  • Li Xiu C2 !!
  • Kiril C2
  • Colen C2
  • Mist
  • Franz
  • Skittleskill C2
  • Cillian
  • Knuckles
  • Anne-belle
  • Proteus Costume
  • Linus
  • Raul
  • Shark-Khai
  • Ptolomy

3 Stars

  • Shrubbear
  • Grevle
  • Kvasir
  • Bauchan
  • Chick Jr.
  • Pixie
  • Gramps
  • Maeve
  • Dawn
  • Buster
  • Waqas
  • Jolly
  • Felton
  • Jaco
  • Zarel
  • Zarola
  • Bagreg
  • Basil
  • Rufus
  • Fawn
  • Treevil
  • Cedar
  • Mnessus (can be useful as a debuffer and cleanser)
  • Morganite

3’s can be fed to max with 1* feeders easily - and it stands a better chance of getting their special to 8/8. Some of the ones listed above hold their own in the 5* arena once LB2’d (e.g. Felton) , or have benefit on titans (e.g Buster).

I’ve highlighed some I find especially useful.

You’ve got a great list there - and focusing on them both means your 4* mats build up again, and you become more competitive in challenge events and 3/4* tournaments.


Rigard 2c
20 characters of rigardness


Thank you all for the feedback, I want to build mono color teams/ nearly fully mono, to use against titans, as my alliance seems to let every other titan escape.

Those are the heroes I have leveled up, which of the 4* and 3* heroes that I have would pair well on titan teams with them?


I’ll come back to this - but immediate thoughts:

For titan teams you want an attack up / defence down (ideally) EDD / damage multiplier and a high attacker (for increased tile damage).

Based on the above, for purple attack (against yellow titans) , you could run:

Shark’Khai / Anubus / Franz / Umbria / Sartana

Cheshire Cat has the highest defence down for a purple hero (I think) - he certainly was. So if you’re after titan scores, he’d also be a good option.

  • Shark’Khai
  • Buster
  • Franz

All MUST haves for titan scores. Franz adds a HUGE amount of damage as he doubles tile hits. Shark’Khai is that amazing attack booster that will probably be the biggest boon.

You’ll also want to do Guardian Jackal for the EDD against yellow, for Dark titans. and Guardian Falcon for the EDD against Red - for green titans. Buddy is one of the few green defence down heros, so he’d do well against ice titans. Frank woud be a good options for blue (red titans) - but you’d got Grimm, who’s another.
In the 3*- Nordri is a must have for ice EDD (again good again red titans). Bertulf is a good alternative to Shark’kai for purple titans

I’ll be back to fashion titan teams for you if you want.

Also - if your alliance usually lets them escape - have you considered moving to one that doesn’t?



Triton-Level him. He’s fast. Costume hits 3.
Caedmon-Level him, emblem 20, lb2. He’s fast. C2 is pretty good.
Buddy-Pretty good for def down for blue titans. Not sure what else you have for def down for titans.
Jackal-Same with Jackal.
Falcon-Same with Falcon.
Gormek-Level him. Once you’ll get his costumes, the base hero will be done. His costumes are pretty good. Dispels and minion destroyer.
Colen-C2 for events.
Li Xiu-C2 is pretty nasty. Emblem 20, lb1 at least.
Lucy-Pretty good. Emblem 20, at least lb1.
Sabina-Dispeller/healer. Costume-Dispels and immune to new status effect buffs. She’ll comes in handy. Emblem 20 and lb1.
Mel-Good dispeller/ healer. Emblem 20, lb1.
Sonya-Dispeller or cleaner and fast. Emblem 20.
Rigard-Emblem 20, lb1 at least. Cleaner/ healer. Costume is boosted health. Both comes in handy.
Franz-Titans/ rush.
Cillian-Events, emblem 20
Carol-Level her up.
Goldie-Level both up. Emblem 20 and at least lb1.
Kitty-Emblem 20. At least lb1.
Ana-belle-Cleaner and dispeller. Emblem 20. At least lb1. Watch your timing with her. For example if you put a status effect on the opposite then Ana-belle’s special goes off, it’ll does you no good so be careful.
Grimm- C2 is pretty good. Emblem 20.
Scoratek- Emblem 20 and lb1.
Kiril- Level him up. Emblem 20.
Azmia- Level her.
Proteus- Good mana controller. Emblem 20.


Kvasir-Emblem 20. He’s fast and prevents minions. Mini Bera.
Chick Jr- Events. Emblem 20, lb1.
Pixie- Emblem 20. Good mana controller.
Scrubbear- Lb2 and emblem 20.
Bertulf- Titans.
Poppy- Emblem 20, lb1 at least.
Buster- Events, emblem 20, and lb1.
Yao- Events, emblem 20, and lb1.
Dawn- Level her. She’s like a mini Lady of of the Lake. Emblem 20 and lb1.
Melia- Level her. She’s fast.
Nordi-Red titans. Emblem 20 and lb1.

Hope this helps.
Happy Gaming.


Twenty characters of thank you


I’d love for you to fashion me some titan teams, thank you again. I’m still learning hero synergies and the effects of their abilities, all the information really helps. I’ll check back sometime tomorrow, no need to rush.

I have thought of leaving the alliance before, but decided against it. Our alliance is open and a lot of our members are nice and helpful, and just overall good people, but about a third of our members are low level and don’t deal much damage to the titan at all, while some don’t even bother attacking. I’ve recently been promoted to Co-leader with a few of my other alliance members that have been consistently active, so I plan to mention the titan issue and bring about some change. We also had a member that’s been in the alliance for over 1500 days, suddenly disappear a couple of months ago, and we’re giving her until the end of the year to come back before we kick her.


For me, just by seeing this roster and who to prioritise


Goldie and kitty stands out as they have very good ailment reflect skills. Very good for general raids

Franz is must to max, very good for events and titans

Xiahou dun, a must to max as well. One of the best dispellers in the game as he can dispel pass taunt and dodge without them activating. I would even max both if I can

C Sabina, also a safe hero to train with her dispel and buff inhibition

Bogart, very good DD for a 4*

Shar’kai, very good for events, titans and raid offense

Zhabog, if you’re playing with ailments

Jackal, for the Holy EDD. Used for titans and events

3* (unfortunately I do not have a lot of experience now with 3*. But still here are the heroes I would prioritise)

Bertulf, good for events and titans

Buster/boots/bagreg, I put them all together as they’re quite the same as a team. Especially buster, he is still very relevant and can be used in any event. Even in legendary tier you’ll see busters in many teams

Zarola, good green hard hitter for events

Morganite, charge 1 40% blind for the support

Joukahainen- good blue hitter which I think could inhibit buffs


Sounds like a good plan with the alliance: as long as you’re with nice people, that’s what matters.

Titan teams: are all your heroes in the screenshots above? I’ll need to see your whole roster. :smile:


I further filter the 3* list above to those that are really essential … They can use in 4* arena

And not in the above list, but they are 3* OP that can help you in war even facing 5* :

Treevil - attack OP (esp. In rush)

Felton - pre-steal all enemies buff at fast. 5*-equivalent skill

Jolly - Treevil in reverse

Joukaheinen - The only one who can stop Faiez. Arch enemies to all greens that do strong buffs

Zarel - 3* tournament expert - can make v.fast heroes in 3* rush arena

These guys with 2LB can compete with many top4*


Thank you, that’s very helpful

Yes, those are all the heroes I have leveled up sadly :sweat_smile:, the row below them with grimm baldur salmon loki etc are around 3/50 but grimm is at 4/70

What 5* do you have?

I’ll edit this once I know 5* but these are your ideal teams based on what I can see. (Others may like to chip in).

Titan teams:

Some notes:

*Shark’kai is your bedrock in all teams except the purple titan where Bertulf will help improve tile damage.
*Where it could be a number of options (e.g. the purple titan) I’ve opted for heroes i think you’d find useful in tournaments too.

  • The ice titan has a couple of red EDD options, you may want to do Bagreg first as he’ll be quicker to level than Falcon - but you should do them both.

:red_circle: Fire Titan

Shark’Khai / Kiril / Grimm / Jott / Nordi

Sub in Adalinda and Frida for Grimm and Nordi when you can.

:green_circle: Nature Titan

Shark’Khai / C2Boldtusk / G Falcon (Or Bagreg) / Buster / Scarlett (Or Junaid)

Sub in Oceanus for Shark’kai when you can, and Zenobia for Scarlett.

:large_blue_circle: Ice Titan

Shark’Khai / Grevle / Franz / Gaderius / Noril

:purple_circle: Dark Titan

Bertulf / Goldie / Guardian Jackal / Bogart / Inari

:yellow_circle: Holy Titan

Shark’Khai / Cheshire Cat / Gill-Ra / Ameonna / Umbria


From Ginger thread, i know that he has 3 Gingers :scream: (and Sparklight) but may not yet fully leveled … lets hear him :kissing_heart:


Here is the rest of my 5* a lot of the dupe HotM are going into SE for Kemeny

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Thanks, that changes a couple of things.

Edits made:

Added 5* options for fire, nature and holy titans.


Thank you so much. I’ve been working on Franz, Goldie, Kitty, and Xiahou Dun; color feeding them, and I maxed out buster. Looks like I’ll be working on Shark Kai next.

Nice one. Good luck! Thinking about it, I actually use Franz on all my titans except rare green!

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