I need help choosing! ;)

Hello everyone.

First of all, thanks for reading this :blush:

I am looking to get some strong nature team against all those Vela worshippers :sweat_smile: .

I already have a quite decent attack roster and can double or triple Fire, Ice, Holy and Dark, but as I have been quite lucky on the previous Tavern of Legends… I now have too many options for my nature team.
I would like to build a team with 3 nature heroes and a Costume Vivica + Seshat or Kunchen + Ranvir/Costume Joon as backup.

I have enough mats for 2, almost 3 of them, so I would even consider not using Telluria on the attack team, because I love fast heroes for raids :smiley:

I think Evelyn is a must have for raids and for titans, Kingston used to be my favorite… But Kadilen and Lianna are also great (even though I don’t have the costume for the latter).
And the fact that I pulled Alberich and Gregorion don’t make my choice easier.
I’m even considering Zocc due to Vela being everywhere! :roll_eyes:

So what are your thoughts?

Which ones would you chose?

Thanks a lot for reading me! Looking forward to your answers :yum:

I would max Evelyn -> King -> Zocc/Lianna or Alby (personally I would go for Zocc because I love mana control)


I´d go Kadilen, her protection against specials makes her quite useful. Kingston damage and debuff also put him before Lianna.

Depending on who you are fighting you may consider going Kadilen, C Kadilen, Kingston. Firing at the same time would guarantee you 1 kill, and great sustain with attack debuff and specials protection.

That if you like aggresive playstyle.

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Here are my 2 cents worth of thought:

Snipers: Kingston vs Lianna vs Gregorion vs Zocc. Among the 4, Zocc skill damage is the weakest and against Vela, the latter is on fast mana so Zocc would be at least a tile slower to control Vela’s mana. He and Gregorion are on average mana but Greg offers more: higher skill damage and gives crit buffs to allies which is ideal against titans. Greg on the other hand is inferior to both Kingston and Lianna when we speak of raw skill damage output. Although Lianna has the highest skill damage among the 4, Kingston has other utility. For me, it’s a toss up between Lianna and Kingston. I maxed 2 Liannas because I have her costume and that I don’t have Kingston (the only 1 among the 4). I would chose a hero that really kills instead leaving them barely alive which may be prone to healing or deal damage by their regular/slash attack or skill damage, biting your ■■■ after just a few turns.

Utility-support heroes: Evelyn vs Kadilen (w/ or w/o costume) vs Alberich vs Zocc vs Horghall vs 2nd Telluria. Among these heroes, I don’t have Horghall. But it goes without saying that 2nd Telly is suboptimal as of your current roster since there are other heroes with other benefits. Horghall also must be dismissed since even with his costume, there is no way he can be head above shoulders among the rest in this category. So that leaves us with Eve vs Kad vs Albe vs Zocc. I have 2 Eves but only maxed one while the other is left at 3/70, who is decently usable even at that level. Between a 2nd Eve at 3/70 vs Almur, I may ascend the latter since 4 stars are pretty easy to obtain than 5 stars and that ascending them are far quicker, not to mentioned that maxing and embleming them are way too cheaper than a 5 star hero. Tonics are hard to come by. You will have to decide whether maxing Eve is better than maxing an Almur. Again, 3/70 Eve is decently usable already. As for Kadilen, I have mine at 3/70 and made an oath to myself to ascend her only if I have her costume since the costume bonus gives her more worth. Either you fancy the original or costume version, it is up to you to decide. Zocc, well, just go to the sniper category and that’s all my idea there. I would rather max 2 more Hansels than maxing a single Zocc. As for Albe, I got him not when he was released as HOTM since I havent played that long, but as a featured hero in the early months of Atlantis. You can check this forum on how players swear how this hero has saved their arses during raids or wars on offense. And he works well at left wing on defense though rarely seen nowadays since the advent of Telly tanks. What you would love him are his resurrection ability, the HoT and the mana boost.

These thoughts are on the premise that you don’t have level 23 nature mana troops. Good luck.



you will most likely fire after tell tank fire;s

so, imo: eve, kingston and … alby :smiley:

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In my honest opinion, I would go with Evelyn first then Kingston
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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My vote is Evelyn then Lianna then Kad costume. All same mana speed, one guaranteed kill and remainder seriously inconvenienced. I don’t have Kads costume but I have a Lianna Kad and Evelyn all maxed, and that is a good combo, which the costume only improves

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though Ckad could be tossed in the place of lianna and still be a pretty good team

zocc, greg, alby, horghall i wouldn’t bother maxing at this point in the game

if i could get back tonics for alby & greg, I’d do it in a heartbeat


Thanks a lot for all of your feedback!
My mana troops are not 23 yet, so yeah, going for the fast ones for now… :slight_smile:
For now I’ll max King, Eve and Kad (one of my first 5*, nostalgia and costume boost outweight some of your comments :blush:) , thanks to the quest that gave me the last tonic I was missing!

Next tonics going to Alby or Zocc, depending on people’s comments in the next few weeks.

Thanks again to all of you for reading & answering! I truly love this community :heart:

Costume Kadeline and Kingston no question.

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