I need gloves!

I’ve got 5 heroes – three 5* and two 4* – that are stuck waiting for fine gloves to ascend. In all this time I’ve yet to see a single pair – where am I gonna find FIVE of them?! I’ve been watching for deals that include them, because I’d even pay a few $$$ for them if I could find them, just to get a couple of heavyweights moving up again, but no luck there, either.

make sure to follow the quest calendar

next one should be gloves :smiley:

thats a start. right? :smirk:


Join the club of “I need X ascension items”

as @_John_Doe said… Farholme is not far away. Enjoy your single pair of gloves. Burn them with care. Otherwise? Look for the christmas event. Sometimes they have $2 deals for gloves & 200 gems.

Other option is spending all your gems on turning your chests over and hope for the RNGbudda to bless you.


I wish I could sell them. I have 35 sets of gloves. :laughing:

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How did you get them

It is really random.

Mostly from titans and sometimes offers.

Atlantis chest as well.

Sometimes diamond chests.

Rare occasion would be from mystic vision.

I have 42 of them right now.

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I understand that gloves can be scarce due to the RNG, but why is it that they are in so few events? Compasses are found in every event besides wonderland instead of gloves. Can’t the devs at least make the guaranteed opportunities equal for the 2 items? I believe they are equally required for ascensions…

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Its incredible, i have a few heroes waiting for those fine gloves and having to wait every time for Farholme Pass to get a pair its depressing. There’s a huge imbalance in the compass - gloves ratio…

7 * titans quest and AW randomly distribute those fine gloves. Hard version of Atlantis campaign.
Keep an eyes on mystic vision too.
I’ve got 8 fine gloves. But I badly need a tome of tactics.

Need tonics.

Send yours to Northern Germany.
Thx in advance :rofl:

Gloves have been my hinder. I have 20 4* at 60. I do have 6 gloves now but with the scarcity I use them very wisely.

I have Triton #2, Wilbur #2, Danzboro in the queue now. I will keep the others around for now.

I need a green 5* to ascend with mine. I have 9 tonics.

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I have 12 compasses but only 3 fine gloves :cry:

I need that alchemy lab…

Yeah but every time i get a compass or something else like sturdy shield or trap tools.

I have 10 tonics, with next quest being Shrikewood thats almost 2 green 5* that can go max [but I dont have a green 5* lol].

Nah! Lianna and Richatd’s left over…yay!

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Be patience. It will comes eventually. Only time will tell.
In the meantime, just treat it as your heroes’ vacation.

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Just ascended mommy, Inari and Aeron last week and now waiting for more…

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Just ascended Anzogh. Drake waiting on 1 dart. Kunchen waiting on Tabbards and trap tools.

On a side note. I haven’t gotten a blue in forever. Isarnia is maxed. Is Richard with emblems worth it?


Richard is, since you got no other yet. He hits hard and gives att down. And he’s the games featuring hero. It’s a duty to max Richy and Ele, if you got em.


Richards at 60 and think he may go to 70 just to see what happens in the time it takes me. I won’t rush him like I did Anzogh.

Elena is at 70 and I like her on titans. Maybe one day. Red has been my toughest time with 5*. In 14 months 2x Natalya, Elena, and just at the beginning of Atlantis Anzogh. 1x Nat and Anzogh maxed.

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