I need gloves!


I’ve got 5 heroes – three 5* and two 4* – that are stuck waiting for fine gloves to ascend. In all this time I’ve yet to see a single pair – where am I gonna find FIVE of them?! I’ve been watching for deals that include them, because I’d even pay a few $$$ for them if I could find them, just to get a couple of heavyweights moving up again, but no luck there, either.


make sure to follow the quest calendar

next one should be gloves :smiley:

thats a start. right? :smirk:


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as @Boolz said… Farholme is not far away. Enjoy your single pair of gloves. Burn them with care. Otherwise? Look for the christmas event. Sometimes they have $2 deals for gloves & 200 gems.

Other option is spending all your gems on turning your chests over and hope for the RNGbudda to bless you.


I wish I could sell them. I have 35 sets of gloves. :laughing: