I need advice which heros to ascend - and what to do with all the duplicates?

As the title says, I need advice which heros to ascend.

My current roster:

Tiburtus +11
Grimm +9
Grimm2 2-43 (current project)
Melendor +6
Boldtusk +11
Li Xiu
Wu Kong
Guardian Falcon 4-43 (current project)
Rigard 4-65 (current project)
Rigard2 3-60
Vela 3-70
Skittles 3-60
Azlar 2-60
Grazul 2-60
Kingston 2-60
Dorn 2-60
Kelile 3-60
Gobbler 3-06 (current project)

and many, many more 3* Heros.

And the unlevelled ones:
Jean Francois

Which heros would you level next?

And what would you do with the duplicates?
Dorn, Sumitomo, Gormek, Kelile, Wilbur, Li Xiu, Wu Kong … They are taking up Roster space, but I can’t get myself to ditch them…

Wilbur is the only one worth a dupe out of those, but keep Dorn (Thorne) for a possible exchange in the upcoming hero academy.

Rata, Sartana and Jean aren’t wrong to bring at least to 3.70.

And go for some ascension items this month:


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Don’t know who Dorn is?

I would stop levelling Gobbler for now. Not a good hero

Most of the other projects seem okay

If you like wars and participate in them, a second Wilbur and a second Li Xiu are generally useful, the other dupes not so much

I think you need to flesh out your fours before levelling your fives much further, fours are the backbone of the game, and it seems you are in early-mid game. A 4-70 four star is generally better than a 3-70 five

Your greens are fairly weak, Brynhild is good but you’ve already got plenty of green healers. I probably still wouldn’t give Skittles shields in your situation though, just too slow. Maybe give Kingston the shields, at least he can kill stuff

Red finish falcon then Scarlett, she is handy

No other yellow projects beckon

Purple maybe Stonecleaver but the jury is still out on him, don’t see many other options

Not sure who next blue project is either

Hope this helps, re reading it i sound a bit negative. You probably need a few good options. Do you have five star materials?

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Dorn / Thorne - sorry, the German name is different than the englisch one.

I have like 4-5 pcs of each 4* AM ready, and 3 Blades, 2 Tomes. I plan to be able to ascend two to three 5* Heros soon…

I was thinking Gobbler would be good, for the upcoming minion spamming meta, with all these new Minion creating heros coming at the moment. I guess I will bring him to 3-60 and leave it be.

Blue - I cant’ level heros if i don’t have any… same goes for yellow :frowning:

Try to have at least one project of each color at any time. If you have no more unique heroes for this, start a dupe.

I kept at least one of every unique rare, epic and every legend except 2 Evelyn in the beginning. But I still have 2 of her.

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In my honest opinion, I would keep the following duplicates for wars (you will need them):
Li Xiu
And for your current levelling:
G. Falcon, Rigard x 2, Grimm
Wait for a good yellow / Gree m
Good luck

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