I need a new alliance

Come check out HamNation! We are a small group but dedicated. Taking down 9-11* titans and war is optional, but using all flags is required. We do have cup requirement of 1600 and are pretty talkative in game.
We also have a discord for out of game chat but that is optional.

That alliance is invite only. Simply look up the alliance and tap on apply to join.
When the management team in the alliance see your message in chat they will accept you.
Good luck



Although if there is a minimum trophy limit, you won’t be able to ask to join until you have enough trophies. But @JGE has tagged @Photon.
Good Luck.


we got him in. all good now


We are looking for good,friendly members. A little lower the 6* but do fight 5*. Jahra!

Come join Sea cucumber!

We would be a great fit! Please join Magrathea. We are sometimes successful on 6* titans and with another player, could definitely do it!

East of the equator is a great clan. We have 5 alliances in our family. We have lost a few due to RL recently but we are on our way back up.
We also have an extensive library that we share rather you decide to join us or not.
Just hit the link below, it brings you to our welcome channel and we can have a chat.


Please join Magrathea, we are a small alliance that needs mid range players so we can improve.

Degen All-Stars - currently looking for newer and mid-range players and would like to combine with other smaller alliances. Active, friendly group, lost a bunch of players who “retired” from the game and are looking to build back up.

Hi we need new active members join Quest Breakers

Hi. Crew-Direwolves is actually looking for someone u just described. You might want to give us a crack. Your level holds a very vital role in our war.
I would love to have you.

You’re welcome to join Quest Breakers

Hello! You don’t need anything but the game and to hit titans and do 6 wars in our clan:) We have all been together 2-3 years. Some people left recently, or got kicked for non activity. Most players are over 30. We are really chill and laid back- just want participation. We are called Natural Disasters. We have really good ratings, too. Welcome!

Come and join us I think we could be a good fit for you. We are Twisted Ending, look us up in Alliance Search.

If you’ve found a home @Darkangel11183 , you might want to close your thread… Otherwise you’ll continue to bombarded with offers from hopeful recruiters. Or is that your plan lol.

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Check out equator alliances we have opening for all skill levels click on the link below and let’s see if we can find a home for you.

Click on the link above let’s talk to see if we can find a home for you with one of our alliance groups.

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