I need a last name

I need to make my in game and forum name match 100%, mostly for purposes of the Fighting Familiar Names thread. A few times recently I have been not recognized / a poster wasn’t sure if it was me. So I need to come up with something that is not already taken (which is harder to do on the forum, where I couldn’t get plain old “Ivy”), is unique, and immediately recognizable. It seemed like a reasonable thing to try to crowd source. Help?


★ ιvүмcgүvεя ★ … :joy:

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How about Poison Ivy, Easily recognizable and a reflection of your massive power :sunglasses:

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Retro comic character IvyTheTerrible


Well that’s settled then! Love It, includes poster also right?

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Of course. And a sassy attitude

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Clear front runner. :slight_smile:


Nothing creative coming to me this morning… Ivy (wayouttayour) League


Sorry @IvyTheTerrible What is your current in-game name? Is it simply “Ivy” at the moment?

Couldn’t you just change your in-game name to IvyData?

Or maybe go all latin - “Hedera”

Hmm, a few ideas for you :

  • Uma Ivy Thurman
  • I envy your cups
  • I vyew your losses
  • Ivy Aife
  • Mother Ivy
  • Lady Ivy
  • Ivy the executioner
  • Ivy with a ponytail
  • Ivy the Ivy :face_with_head_bandage:
  • Ivy Killingyousoftly
  • Illuminating Ivy
  • Illuminated Ivy
  • Ivy the Great
  • Only Ivy
  • Perpetual Ivy

I like alliteration so I would do something like:

  • Ivy Ilustriously Illuminated
  • Ivy Incorporated
  • Ivy Inc.

Its hard not knowing much about your interests and likes. But those are some things that come to my mind.


  • Plain Old Ivy

Well this thread is turning out to be charming, helpful, and amusing!

@Steve9999, yeah, it’s just “Ivy” in the game, which is insufficiently distinct - I’ve been attacked by a number of people who for sure recognize my handle here, but not in the game and one even mentioned that they wondered but were’t sure if it was me.

So, you could simply change your in-game name to IvyData - downside is this may cost 500 gems.

You say that “Ivy” is already taken on the forum - so any other approach means changing your name in-game AND on the Forum - right? So you’ll have the 500 gem cost anyway.

And I believe you can’t change your own name on the Forum - right? A mod has to do it for you I think.

First World problems I guess :grinning:

I think the game allows you to make one free in-game name change. And I’m guessing I can talk a mod here into updating my name. I don’t know; seemed like it’d be a fun time to make a change!

Tag a mod here to change your forum name

If you’re not stuck on having Ivy in it, you could use Hellebore and stay in the same family

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Ivy League

You could be the top drawer and school us all :rofl:



Oops, wrong game.


You’re on fire @nevarmaor

I’vy just gotten warmed up :laughing: