I mistook Ulmer for a trainer hero

I just used Ulmer as food because I mistook him for a trainer hero. They’re so alike wearing their hoodies! Perhaps Ulmer is an evolved trainer hero? :thinking:


Ulmer is a terrible 3*, you can lock your heroes to not accidental feed

Many people say that Ulmer and Karil are bad, but still I see so many of them in the 3* monthly challenge events, the top players in there use them all the time.

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I actually used both Ulmer and Karil a lot back when I only had 3* heroes. Weird that no one seems to appreciate Ulmer’s defense debuff, while at the same time Grimm and Tibertus are praised for that same mechanic. Also: I think Ulmer is one of the coolest characters, art wise. Him and Balthazar as well.

P.S.: Nice nickname, I’ll turn on the light now. :wink:

Unlike Trainers, the game does ask you if you wish to feed him once before you commit. :smiley:

Ulmer was the mainstay on my team for a long time and if I can get him to survive long enough to fire off Blizzard, it helps tremendously with the debuff. He was essentially the poor man’s Isarnia.

He did finally retreated to the backlines when his most prized pupil Isarnia arrived on my roster and became serviceable.

Probably Ulmers greatest day since the game was released, being mistaken for a trainer…

Have a day Ulmer!


He’s a staple for competing for high scores in some of the challenge events in rare…so yeah, he totally sucks as an Isarnia lite.

He was essentially the poor man’s Isarnia.

Exactly this. Still hoping that my first blue 5* will be her. :slight_smile:

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Well, I have a fully maxed Ulmer (including special skills) and I use him for war. If I can get him to survive long enough to fire his special, he can really turn the tide of a battle.

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happens alot . learn from those mistakes. lock your heroes down.


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