I miss the replay button!- [Known Bug]

Removing the replay button adds another step to the farming process. Why was it removed?? After finishing a level, I simply wish to press replay, fight and autoplay. Now it is “next”, select map level, select fight and press auto play. That extra step certainly qualifies as a first world problem but I don’t understand why it was eliminated? Does it have something to do with loot tickets? @Petri?

The replay button seems to appear and disappear. Please, not other random factor :slight_smile:


Guys, close your game down completely and restart it, the replay button should then reappear…

Do not uninstall the app or anything daft like that…

Try it, worked for me…




It has returned following your sage advice.

When will I learn? Lol? Many thanks!! :bowing_man:

No problems, glad it worked :wink:

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