I Miss the Old Days

I’ve been playing for three years. And until recently, got a lot of enjoyment out the game. But am struggling with the recent change in game logistics over the past months. Wars no longer make any sense. At one time, I could calculate my chances pretty well against an opponent - but now, teams that are 300+ less than my strength win with me maybe taking out a single hero. I assume this is based on my alliance’s win to loss ratio as compared to the other team? Whatever the reason-it diminishes gameplay as strategy and player strength no longer matter. And it is this way 3 out of 4 wars. Let’s not forget the changes to raids. I can’t make sense of how a team much stronger than me can take me out winning 40 trophies but if I look to revenge (not that I would as there is no way I could win), I am only offered 10-15 trophies simply because I have more trophies. I can’t understand why trophy calculations are no longer based on strength of opponent. Again, this diminishes gameplay as there is no defense strategy I can use against a much, much stronger team. I really loved this game and it has helped me escape and weather some pretty crazy stuff in life-but I’m considering giving it up as it only seems to add to my stress these days. I miss the good old days of E and P.


Plenty of existing threads for most of this content without needing another one:

One correction:

Trophy rewards were never and have never been based on the “strength of oppoent”

It’s always been based on a comparison of YOUR trophies to THEIR trophies AT THE TIME OF RAIDING.

+30/-30 is for when there are the same number of trophies. The bigger the difference, the bigger the risk/reward.

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