I miss the old challenge events…

I’m bored. These new events don’t offer any challenge. The old events at least got me interested as I pushed for high scores and tried out new heroes for better synergies.

ToL: easy for veteran players with a deep roster
AR, VF, Tremors: auto farm city
Seasonal events: auto farm city
Slayers/Starfall: vanished….
3 kingdoms: personal performance has no real relevance to outcome
Mythic titan: this one is ok but got pushed to every other month.
Mirages: decent challenge the last two stages
Challenge festival: is ok but less of a challenge than before
Towers: more of a grind than a challenge.
CoK: decent like mythic titan but pushed to every other month or so

Most of the new events are just ways to dump more heroes into the game for purchasing.


Can we petition for more events with the high score design. Just completing stages is not much fun

Me too. The old challenges were kinda nice. I guess SG gonna update some things🤷🏼‍♀️ . I agree the game is pushing more new heroes and new events onto the players. My question is why the push and why so hard. SG needs to slow down. Too many things in a short amount of time is too much much.


I think it’s just you who is better. Challenges are basically same, but since you get better heroes, you feel like they are easier.

I agree with you. That’s why they have to keep pushing the difficulty level. All players are getting better so they have to keep raising the bar. The high score works because it continually pushes everyone

In the other hand, too hard challenges would comes with voices that SGG is hidding rewards behind wall only p2p can reach. There is no way to make it fair and not boring for everyone at the same time.

My personal recommendation? If you are bored, make your own, personal challenges.
Win raid against team full of 5s using only 3s, complete event stage using worst heroes possible, Thanos Challenge, it’s up to you what will be your next goal.

You could feed all your 5* and 4* ya know. Then you’ll only have 3* and I’m sure the game would be challenging again. Thank me later