I might be bugged or i suck

I have been having a huge problem with raids lately and damage in general. It seems that no matter how i change i keep losing major amounts of trophies and my defense is just as bad. with a critical hit to a red with my blue i am only doing 40’s to 50’s with troops. if the other team has two or more healers or AOE damage doers then i stand not chance and this is teams rated 300 or more lower then me. I was wiped by a team 250 lower than me today with them losing no one. That is not how this should be and i think the ranking system is to blame. There was a big update a little while back and it changed the ranking system fro teams and this is when it all went to crap. Please do something . Also i have spent thousands of gems to no avail to a 5 star. Im talking the last 11 times or so i used gems to get heroes i got 1 four star. all the others have been 3 star and this was the elemental summon which is supposed to be better. Thats not OK at all i spent money on that

  • Having a higher team power than your opponent does not mean you should automatically win.
  • All heros are not equally good at raiding.
  • Epic/Elemental summons have low chances of 4* or 5* rewards.

Enjoy your friday

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Just in case, some very simple Raid 101 tips:

For Attack:

  • It’s about trying to limit the mana recharge of your foes, and trying to get your specials up as soon as possible (within the bounds that the tile layout provides). Focus on taking out a single enemy to free up a gap, and look to expand that gap. This allows you to deliberately miss to charge your mana faster without charging them.
  • High damage single target heroes in attack team do better than AoE. Also need to focus on using heroes with fast (or at worst average) mana recharge. Slow is too slow and your guy is likely to get taken out before he can use his special skill.
  • Try concentrate on vertical tile attack rather than horizontal to stop charging up too many opponents’ mana at the same time.
  • You really should play with someone who strips enemy buffs (Sonia; Caedmon; etc), and concentrate on charging their mana quickly. You can’t let opposing team keep their buffs up too long without serious danger. A debuff stripper on your team also really helps (Rigard, etc).
  • If all else fails and you feel you have a strong team but are still getting frustrated, drop cups to face easier opponents. That way you at least can still fill your Hero chest without too much frustration. (Plenty of posts about dropping cups… but see here for a post in which I explain my method to keep my conscience clear).

For Defense:

  • Team position is important. Put your healers and tanks (high health/defense) in central slots. They take more heat in the attack and will charge mana faster. Glass cannons to the sides.
  • Defence teams are colour agnostic, so choose your strongest combination rather than needing to maintain a balance of colours.
  • Attributes that are strong in attack are not necessarily also strong in defence, so you need to consider different teams. Quite a few posts in the board on which heroes are best for which role.

Quite a few ‘noob’ points there. If you’re already employing all these and are still getting frustrated, then I guess your only real options are to not play raids, or to drop cups. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


What do you think is bugged? Do you think it is not accurately calculating your damage?

Can understand the frustration…
But if you really think it’s a bug, you need to come up with some evidence or where/how you think it’s bugged. Damage before vs. damage after. Level of teams played before vs. after. Heroes involved.

Let’s assume the game creators aren’t lazy, and do want to listen… then how would you explain with sufficient detail to them for them to isolate the area that has been changed that they need to assess and possibly fix? A general cry of frustration won’t help them to fix it.

(I’ve lost with massive combos before, but was facing a stronger team. It happens. Some match-ups in Raids can be simply unwinnable based on the draw, the tiles, and the algorithm that determines the defence team’s attacks. From what I’ve observed they do build some randomness in to the defence team algorithm. It’s to simulate the randomness inherent in the tiles of the attack team. Sometimes you face a ‘weaker’ team that is hitting you more regularly. I believe this is designed in).


I believe you adress two seperate things here.

  1. You struggle in raids.
  2. Your odds aren’t good when you pull summons.

Looking at your last reply which has a lot of censorship I don’t know how open you are for other views, but i’ll try anyways.

  1. Raiding is luck of the board, having good heroes that work together on skills & tactics. Little_infinity tried to help you out here on the tactics part. Yes, part of it (boards) is random which is good - else it would be completely p2w. You might want someone to look over the heroes you use and your raid setup for both offense and defense, it can make a lot of difference. Some heroes I have are real good in raids but not good for anything else, some of my heroes (even maxed 5*s) I literally only use on my defense team because they’re only good for that. There’s skill to this game, and sometimes you have bad luck. My advice is to take a little break when you lose ‘unfair raids’, about an hour later usually the boards are better :slight_smile: On defense it differs per day. Some days my team carries me into the top 50, sometimes i end up out of the top 500, other people have luck on board too. I personally like this, as else i’d get complacent and do nothing while i stay in the top 100.

  2. The gems are the way to make revenue, and the odds aren’t great. You can get mad about this, just know that nobody else is experiencing better odds than you. I’m f2p and at times saved up 1500 gems only to get duplicate 3*s in a row without anything better. It happens, and it sucks at the time. 11 times is not a lot to be completely honest with you, so expect to be disappointed a whole lot more.

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I dont just lose sometimes though its all the time against weaker teams when i get combos. sometimes single digit damage on weak hits and as i said 70 as a major high hit if im lucky. The damage is messed up and has been since the big patch. There are plenty of people complaining about this as well not to mention i cant provide evidence if im not having good match now

Could you post your current defense team? Perhaps our players can advise you on a different layout, or ask more informed questions once they see your team. :slight_smile:

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