I mean, this is still a form of luck, right?

Alright, let’s stack a couple purples and take down some of this team!

Wait… no purple tiles?

Okay. :frowning:


Not a complaint- just what a funny situation to be in!

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It’s actually pretty remarkably lucky, in a way:


Go out and don’t buy a lottery ticket, immediately!


Looks like the board every time I bring 2 or 3 of a specific color.

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Well, you are not alone



With the player base we have, 4 boards in 10.000 with a single color missing roughly translates to this happening at least 400 times a day. Assuming 100k players play at least 10 boards a day.


And that’s why I absolutly NEVER use color stacking despite what anyone can say about it.

You could repeat me 500 times a day “yes but the damages are good” blablabla, color staking sucks. That’s all :blush:

Not entirely true as the chance is a bit higher with 9996 of the “other boards”, that has a 3 or more tile match is discarded due to start boards not allowed to have matches.

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If @Garanwyn has a mistake in the math in the thread that’s from, I’d imagine that would be desired feedback.

I did take down this team fully- while I had a funny start the board, was sill pretty easy to clear out and charge my other heroes. I really like stacking against the tank in war, I’m going to keep doing so even with the possibility of a board like this.


This team was 200 TP above mine, so I was pleasantly surprised when they all went down.

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Thats awesome and I am glad you got it! Its a proven system, It works most of the time. I do the same when the colors are not in my favor. Clear and make the board reset for me… This allows me to move my colors and look for new ones

Maybe not all the time but for the most part it does, Sometimes it takes me two tries but I get it… I get hit constantly by 4K teams and I use 3300 teams to take them down.

Look at some of my videos and you will see how I play the board…
You will also spot my rookie mistakes :stuck_out_tongue::blush:

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I also wanted to mention that is not all luck. It takes skills to make the board work for you. Your game is very impressive! Keep it up!


It is true that the actual probability is a bit different than what I quoted, but you’ve got the direction of the error backwards. Zero-tiles-of-one-color boards are less common due to 3-match board rejection, not more common.

It’s actually possible, using a few tricks, to directly calculate the percentage of boards that will be rejected due to 3-or-more-matches. I hadn’t bothered to do it before, but since this came up, I went ahead and ran the numbers. If anyone’s really curious, I can explain how to do it.

Suffice it to say that for the zero-tiles-of-one-color case, the increase in density of the other colors leads to more board rejections. Here is the board rejection probability curve:

The aggregate board rejection probability due to having a starting match is 86.4%.

And here is the effect on the distribution:

You can see that rejecting 3-match boards actually makes the distribution peakier around 7 tiles of the desired color. Note that the probability of getting tiles of your desired color is still 20% (1/5).

So… given all that, the true probabiity of a zero-tiles-of-one-color board of a particular color is 0.02%, or about 1 in 5000 boards.

I’ll update my other thread with the corrected numbers.


Ive went into battles and had 0 of my stacking color and won. Play smart and go!

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