I’m ready to spend 13000 gems to get Xmas hero's didn't found epic or legendary

@Petri @J.o @KiraSG @Sara I’m ready to spend 13000 gems to get Xmas hero’s
Didn’t found any epic or legendary hero’s… need some reply official members… not moderators :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:!

Do you understand probability?


You clearly do not understand how gambling works.


Good luck! Post what you receive.

I mean after 13000 gems… monthly hero… :-1:

You spent 13000 gems and didn’t get what you wanted?

Don’t ever go into a casino, please.


Hahhhhhhhhh :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: hero of the month 1.3%

you will be shocked when you know how much others are spending to get nothing at all. thats how they make money my friend and i donno if it makes you feel better, you are not the only one :smiley:


I hadn’t spent that much in gems and gotten 4 buddies and HOTM its all RNG and getting lucky or not. I wanted mother North as I feel her special is insanely nice. I hadn’t seen her yet.

3 summons 3x3*s. Now what? Cry? Go crazy? Or just hope for better luck next time? :thinking:

I am not a moderator

Lol 3x summons… are you understand… only rare hero’s not epics

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I do but I would never spend money on gambling as you did :wink: Hence I only got gems and tokens to do 3 summons.
You paid money to play a “Slot machine” and now claim that you did not win the pot…that’s gambling my dear.

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You’re ready to spend 13000 gems? You need to actually spend them for a chance to get heroes.

You aren’t guaranteed to get the HOTM, you get a chance to get it - 1.3% chance.

I’ve seen some people pull the HOTM with tokens, 1 pull, 10x summons. It’s all random. Don’t feel too badly.

Please read this thread before spending:

What exactly is a Gacha? (Read before posting things about "unfair pulls")


Hey, don’t feel bad. I did 2x 10 rolls right when the portal opened and have 0 holiday heroes or HOTM to show for it.

Alternatively, my boyfriend did 1x 10 roll and got 1 rudolph, 1 buddy, and 2 HOTM. Lol!

Not gonna stop be from doing 3 more 10 rolls :stuck_out_tongue: I think I will also draw my line at 5x 10 rolls

My main goals were Evelyn and Mother North. After 10 tokens and 3 10x pulls, I got Santa, Buddy, Rudolph and Evelyn. I called it quits after the 3rd pull because I wanted to start to save for the next event.

Bottom line, you’re not guaranteed squat. I understand it’s frustrating, but it’s the way the game is, and it’s now VERY clear what your odds are of getting something. The last time I went “all out” to try to get a hero, I spent WAY too much money and didn’t get the hero I wanted. My advice to you is have a budget and once that budget is gone, understand that you won’t be getting that hero (at least until next Christmas if the same heros are released).


Thanks @Rook. Searched this tread for sharing but did not find :slight_smile:

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Spend 13000 more so you double the chances :smiley:
The gems are cheap if you live in America, because you can buy 10k gems with 0.5% of your monthly salary. (My cousin lives in America and makes 20k $ / month with minimal wage paying job).
But if you live in any middle eastern EU country, let’s say Bulgaria where I am from, you’d probably have to pay 50%-150% of your monthly salary! (Minimal wage is 510BGN = 295.50 dollars per month for 8h workday or 255BGN=148$$/month for 4h workday. Depends if you are a student and work 4h/day or have a full time job).
1 USD = 1.72183 BGN today
But in the game 10k gem pack costs 99.99$ or 219.99BGN, for some GREEDY reason, instead of 172BGN. In other words, it’s better to buy packs in $$$, not national currency. In fact it’s way cheaper - because the overprice itself(50 BGN) is actually 30% of some student’s monthly salary or the pack costs 86% of the total monthly income if you have 4h job. (The 10k gems pack costs 43% of the monthly salary if you have full time job on minimal wage.)

So yeah, the difference is somewhere between 100 times and you complain you’ve wasted your gems/money? Man up and face reality, at least you had a CHANCE to get the heroes, consider yourself LUCKY, Narada82!


do not invest money! and the problem is solved, if the chance to get something was real, I would be the first to write everywhere that the game is worth paying the money :grin: if the random support service that is responsible for all questions is working, then the chance to get the heroes without paying money is high enough, if it does not work, you will not get it for money :grin:

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