I’m not understanding Proteus

Just raided with Proteus. He hit Mariana. She showed the can’t gain mana statement. And then she went off next turn anyway. I thought the idea was she would be delayed 3 turns. I’m obviously missing something. Thank you for your insights.

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Did your opponent have a cleanser? Meaning a hero that removes debuffs on their team.

EDIT: or she already had enough mana and was fully charged…
LOL onefullturn replied right as that occurred to me as well.


If she was full on her mana and Proteus hits her, she can still use her mana. It has to be when the opponent is not full.


I guess that must have been it. Thank you.

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That’s pretty much the difference between silence skill (Peters, Miki), mana damage (Hansel, Gretel) and mana draining (Onatel), mana stop (Proteus, Hel).

The first 2 skills are effective when the opponent has full mana, and almost useless if not.

The second two the opposite, very useful before full mana and much less useful if mana is already filled up.


Great explanation!! Thanks

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