I’m looking for new team ideas. Build your dream team!

These days I’m just raiding with my favorite team of Gravemaker, Black Knight, Finley, Vela, Ariel. I love this team but I want to do some experimenting. I figured it would be fun to see what teams would come up with using my roster. So, what do you suggest?

No mono or 4-1 please lol :vulcan_salute:t2:


Mist, li xiu, neith, costume rigard, and hel.

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Id like to see kingstone,Gilinbursti, SIF, Alberich and lianna

Alberich-Frigg-Jabberwock-costumed Rigard-Hel.

Jackal- hel - rigard (no costume) - kage - gazelle

You get the extra 5% def and 4% heal from family bonus. I would prefer Seshat instead of Kage though but you don’t have her :confused:

You can switch for : jackal - lady woolerton - Kingston- lianna (or Hansel) - gazelle against purple tanks.

Gazelle is a beast, one of my most favourite hero in offense.

Damn! Usually i love helping people find the best team but you have so many fantastic heroes that i am overwhelmed!

This may not be the best combination out there but a fun play team would be:

Frigg - Hel - Grazul - Kingston - Jabberwock

Build around Guardian Gazelle. When you can control her, absolutely, it’s God mode… but you already know that!

My main raid team is:

Gazelle, Mist, Jabberwork, Hel, BK - if you’re not without healer averse. You are very good at board manipulation, as apparent in your videos, so this crew has quite a few failsafes in place.

Grazul, Gravemaker, Jabb, Hel, Kage.

Telluria, Albe, Lianna, ariel finley