I’m looking for a list of each seasons 3 star heroes! No luck

I am new at this game and still don’t know which heroes are Season 1 bs. Season 4. Also, it’s almost impossible to find a current ranking of 3 star heroes anymore.
After spending a lot of time looking I finally found the best chart of all the seasons 3*. I thought I downloaded it to save it but my link is no good anymore. I am including a screenshot of the chart but I would LOVE to find this chart again but I’d be happy with a list or chart, anything, that includes the origin of the 3 star heroes. Can you guys help a newbie out?

That chart I found was great because it rated the 3 star heroes and provided all the additional information along with the origin so I can start learning which are Seaon 1 heroes, Valhalla heroes, Atlantis heroes and Season 4 heroes whatever Season 4 is called.

That looks like this: Quick Reference Sheet and Graphics for Events, HOTM, hero types, summon portals, cost comparison

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Also the E&P wiki has the heroes by category:

S1: Category:Season 1 Heroes | Empires and Puzzles Wiki | Fandom

S2: Category:Season 2 Heroes | Empires and Puzzles Wiki | Fandom




I’ve used the thread below in the past. It marks which heroes are from which family.

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There is a post on this forum where you can get some information: The top 15 general purpose three star heroes

Also on this web site, you can sort heroes by star and origine (and other criteria): AllHeroes Heroes Database Empires & Puzzles

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