I’m feeling a little green


These new updated hero’s are making me rethink who I should take up! Who are you guys most excited about? Originally I was going to ascend a second Evelyn to replace Onatel on my defense lineup. Any advice?

Two Evelyn’s is overboard, IMO—I prefer to have variety in my roster.

Aside from Aegir, the v20 upgrades didn;t change any of my thinking about relative ranking of any 5* heroes. I would think next about Kadilen or Elkanen, which you would normally run stacked with Evelyn. Both are Fast, like Evelyn, so fire her first then the elf of your choice. Kadilen did a surprising amount of damage when I fought her in a war recently. She had a some emblems, which clearly helped.


I agree there’s absolutely no need for a second Evelyn.
One nature debuffer is enough and you don’t really need a second but rather another strong hitter green that take advantage of that.

Zeline would be the best, but out of the hero you have i would say Kadilen is the stronger.