I‘m fed up with this game

I’v spent enough money for good heros and still becoming the same crap all the time.
Only one 4* star hero from special events with level 52 and a lot of summonings.
Got enough items to level up three new 5* heros, but i don‘t get any from nowhere.
Loosing all the time against weaker players, because i don‘t get better heros.
Are you kidding me.
Please save up this excuses, like it‘s luck to gut 5* star heros or other good heros. This is not luck, this is programmed crap
I‘m fed up and in it continues like this i‘ll stop playing.
It‘s really enough.


Pouts. *Ridiculous complaints thread?

Vent away bro!


See you tomorrow.



Thank you for your constructive feedback.


I hear you buddy. You’re not the only one feeling this way. The game requires you to put in so much but gives you very little in return. The odds of 1.5% to even 0.3% are disgusting by any standard.

Really 0.3% & then they say you just had some bad luck that’s all.

My advice would be, vote with your wallet.

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this word explains everything


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If special events are seasonal and challenge events, excluding Atlantis, then yes, I only have Jack O’Hare, currently at 3/13.

I too have 6 Damascus Blade, 6 Tome of Tactics, 7 Mystic Rings, 6 Mysterious Tonic, and 6 Royal Tabard, enough for red, green, and purple 5*. However, just like you, I don’t have any 5*.

Fortunately, I don’t spend real money.

How do you know they are weaker? Is it their level or defense power? If it is defense power, try stacking your hero with 3-2 combination. My main attack team consists of 3 purples and 2 blues, in raid or war, I look for those with yellow/red tank. In raid, without opponent’s war aid, I used to beat those who have defense power 200-300 above my attack team.

One more thing, if you are tired of spending without someting in return, try to be an F2P for a while. Take time to raise 3* heroes for tournament. I spent my time maxing 29 3* heroes already.


so, explain then my brother getting Kunchen for free coins given out back then, and then later getting Atomos for a token from chests? why did they “they” pick YOU to give no 5*? what is special about you?


you thought spending money would give you a free pass to cheat? lol cheaters must die!

Atlantis hero can’t be pulled by token, only gems or atlantis coins.

I recommend hay you run 3 x tc 20. They will come eventually

there was an event where they gave 100 atlantis coins. I got Namahage on my ftp alt with them.

How many TC 20s are you running? If you’re not using them all the time, I’d recommend using at least 2 or 3 of them and have them running 24/7 until you get your 5*s.

Meanwhile, back at SG headquarters…

“Sir, sir! We got another spender to quit!”

“Excellent… excellent work, everyone! Please, tell me, how did get him?”

“Well, the monitor starting going off, indicating one of the million player base was spending money, so we immediately tagged his account to make sure he’d get nothing.”

“And you’re certain he’s done?”

“I’ve got the forum manuscript right here, sir.”

“Huzzah! On to the next!”


100 coins for free? :scream:

I must have missed that…

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Wait! It’s my turn!

Uh, Clearly not.


Atlantis coins. yeah, it was a gift. I think it was right around the time when they introduced the 10 day free vip for friend invitations.

Two year anniversary gift. I got Agwe. Much confidence in him. Taking him all the way to level 60 :wink:


Oh, so that was the anniversary gift… thanks for reminding me.